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Wardrobe sorting, any tips please?

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SunnyIsles Mon 19-Oct-15 11:30:14

I've set aside this afternoon and all day tomorrow to sort my clothes and shoes out.

I've got a huge wardrobe the full length of a bedroom wall that is stuffed full of crap various unmatched garments, plus two clothes rails in spare bedroom.

I've got winter and summer things mixed together, so the first thing I'll do is pack away the summer clothes, and ones that don't fit.

I'm not entirely clear what I want to achieve, but I feel like I've got nothing to wear but have enough to clothe a small town!

Any advice?

dreamingofsun Mon 19-Oct-15 12:15:24

what i did was to force myself to wear something new each day. i worked through my wardrobe doing this and also jewellery. anything i hated/didn't fit/had holes or stains i got rid of. i found loads of new outfits this way.

it takes longer than sifting through in one afternoon, but meant that i found loads of things i liked i would have binned if i had tried them out

pdxs Mon 19-Oct-15 12:50:58

i think you might have more clothes than you really need ;)

if it is your goal... lots of really useful 'capsule wardrobe' threads on here - for what you (might) be aiming to get to - or at least give you an idea of a 'workable' vs random wardrobe so you can organise yours a bit better

sort into categories: do a keep (i love it), donate (good stuff - friends or charity shop), 'chuck' (worn out/stained), needs repairs (& then get done!), and a 'maybe' pile

.. the maybes might need: alterations, dyeing, you like but have nothing to wear with, good for weight loss/gain ... get out of your wardrobe & pack in a box (by size/season/something that makes sense to you & review in a few weeks/months)

I'm not in favour of throwing out your own clothes in good condition (even if you have gone off them) - I would pack away as in a couple of years you might find you like/match something you bought/weight gain loss -> but i know some people do thrive on a clear out (i say this as last week i wore a denim skirt bought in 2001 and last worn in around 2005 and got lots of compliments on it - but then I have got plenty of storage & yo yo in weight - what works for me may not work for you)

I would chuck out (charity shop) things that look cheap/too young as time

I would then: sort out the keepers by category then colour... all shirts together, all jeans etc... so you can work out if you have a balanced wardrobe for what you need or not (eg 10 pairs jeans but need some tops...) -> then do the outfit trying on PP suggested

To make it less overwhelming - maybe just do your winter stuff for now & pack everything summery away without even sorting so that you can do that in spring when you've had a bit of a think about what works for you?

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