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50 something needs a style nudge

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Colourmylife1 Mon 19-Oct-15 10:19:03

I'm a long time lurker on S&B but since my STBXH left me for OW earlier this year I've spent more time on relationship thread.
I'm emerging from the fog but stress, busy life and age have taken their toll.

What are the key things I can do to get me back on track?

Positives first - my skin isn't bad and I have a decent skin care routine. I have my eyebrows threaded.
I have a good hairdresser and I'm happy with the colour. I have a wardrobe of quite nice clothes...although I'm not great at putting them together and at the moment many are a bit tight which is unflattering. I can't afford to replace them!

Negatives - I have been eating badly over last months and have gained some kgs. ( would like to lose 4-5 ). I'm 5ft3 with curves that can look dumpy even when at a healthy weight.

My hair has changed. It's thick and curly with a tendency to look a bit unkempt. I like to wear it straight or wavy but latterly when I blow dry it goes frizzy. This is a new problem so I don't think it's my technique.

Sorry this is long! I feel a bit overwhelmed about all the changes in my life but would like a few quick fixes which would give me a lift.

I was wondering about a Brazilian blow dry? I want to change my diet to feel better, have more energy and lose the extra weight (quickly! ).

Does anyone have any pointers or advice? I need a bit of a push and want things which will give quick results to pick me up a bit.

Thank you!

PennyPants Mon 19-Oct-15 11:45:57

Drink water instead of sugary drinks- that will drop you about 200 calories a day.
Walk lots- I have 2 dogs and go at least 4 miles a day.
Smaller portions.
Pinterest for outfit ideas
You sound fairly sorted tbh.

Colourmylife1 Mon 19-Oct-15 12:08:34

Thanks Penny. I don't drink sugary drinks but I have loads of tea and coffee with milk and I know I do not drink enough water so that's one quick fix. Same with walking. I feel so much better when I make the effort but I have been low recently and not able to motivate myself so that us another good one for me!

Floisme Mon 19-Oct-15 16:34:16

I wouldn't fight your hair. If it's thick and curly, I'd find a cut and a style that will show it off rather than struggling with blow dries. (Mine is like yours by the way.)

I've started streetwatching again rather than looking for ideas in magazines or even Pinterest because there are so few women my age in the media and the ones who are have mostly had work done. But I see lots of women out and about who are 50 or 60+ and look good and I get ideas from them.

Colourmylife1 Mon 19-Oct-15 19:21:12

Thanks Floisme. I do wear my hair curly much of the time but it looks rather unruly. I grew up in the days before hair products so was rather scarred by years of looking like Chrystal Tips!
I have a sort of style 'blindness'. I see women my age looking great but I can never work out why or how to translate it to my own look. I spend a
reasonable amount of money on clothes but seem to be in a real jeans and jumper rut. I'm not sure that jeans are even the most flattering on me so I would welcome alternatives for a casual look.

nooddsocksforme Mon 19-Oct-15 20:01:35

I am 52 and have thick coarse hair that is kinky rather than curly. I had a keratin blow dry and it was definately straighter and thinner looking IYKWIM but I had to use a particular expensive shampoo and my hair never felt clean. Dont think I would do it again. Can you put your hair up?
would coloured jeans/coated jeans look a bit smarter . i find that I do blouses now and jackets/generally keep things a bit more tailored and smart but with nice chunky jewellry. I am short and thick of thigh and just dont bother about it as much as before

Sammythewondercat Mon 19-Oct-15 20:04:17

I'm in my 50s too & last year went to John Lewis for a personal shopping experience as needed a dress sor a special occasion but also some smart casual wear. I thought it was good - in my case worth the effort - something I wished I'd done years ago!

Colourmylife1 Mon 19-Oct-15 20:24:45

Nood - Thanks for the feedback on the Brazilian blow dry. What length is your hair? I wonder if mine is just too short for curly. It's shoulder length when straight but much shorter when curly. I don't like to wear it up as I'm self conscious about my neck. I think tailored is a good look for me. I will go jacket shopping!

Sammy, I did the JL personal shopper a few years ago and ended up looking like a Conservative MP's wife dressing for lunch at the golf club! I will try again though as it must be down to the person you get on the day

nooddsocksforme Mon 19-Oct-15 20:54:40

hair is around shoulder length maybe slightly shorter. definately easier to manage with the blowdry but always felt "claggy" becuase it was coated with the keratin

Sammythewondercat Mon 19-Oct-15 21:38:48

Yes definitely think it is the stylist who makes a difference - mine was very good & moved me out of my comfort zone. Have heard Debenhams can be good too - just depends on the person.

Colourmylife1 Mon 19-Oct-15 21:44:14

Thanks! JL personal stylist booked (online! Fantastic).
I think my hair would look better a bit longer. Claggy doesn't sound good! Local Toni and Guy offers 'nanokeratin'. I wonder if that's the same or better?
I will also follow the '7lbs to lose thread'.

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