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What do you think of these shoes?

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Brookville Mon 19-Oct-15 10:10:02

Ladies what do you think of these shoes? I tried them on and they are literally like walking on air. I like the sole and brogue effect but not quite sure what clothes they would look good with other than ankle grazers and culottes.

Brookville Tue 20-Oct-15 10:25:40

Bump! Can anyone cast their eye over these for me please?

Bluecheese22 Tue 20-Oct-15 13:06:49

I think they look very masculine but if your look is androgynous or you could get away with that look then go for it. Comfy shoes are worth their weight in gold.

Fairylea Tue 20-Oct-15 13:08:28

Not my cup of tea to be honest, I dislike the colour more than the style. I think I'd go for a more traditional brogue in a black or tan.

NotTodaySatan Tue 20-Oct-15 13:09:57

Not keen.

I have and love their Hamble Oaks but those are a bit drab and featureless.

BumWad Tue 20-Oct-15 13:10:21

How old are you op?

They look like something a 70+ would wear.

sugar21 Tue 20-Oct-15 13:10:26


VegasIsBest Tue 20-Oct-15 13:10:42

Sorry - but they'd look good on a granddad :-(

Nearlyadoctor Tue 20-Oct-15 13:19:39

Wouldn't be my choice as I think they look very clumpy!

MummaGiles Tue 20-Oct-15 13:24:48

They look very rockabilly. Not my cup of tea.

stripytees Tue 20-Oct-15 13:36:53

I think they're fine. Not amazing but I wouldn't find them especially offensive either.

I prefer brogues, though, and would wear them with skirts as well.

Cheesybaps Tue 20-Oct-15 13:44:55

I quite like them - I am a fan of clumpy shoes though grin

I'd probably wear them with ankle grazer skinny jeans, or black tights and short skater skirts.

Brookville Tue 20-Oct-15 16:17:44

Thank you all. I think you are expressing my subconscious feelings on them. Yes they are comfortable, but they neither brogue nor even slightly feminine and I think they only look good with black ankle grazers or culottes. I quite like the rolled-up trouser / rockabilly look but can't seem to pull it off with these!

Fairylea Tue 20-Oct-15 16:45:39

Have you looked at dr marten shoes? They are similar but more fashionable and come in loads of different colours etc. Have a look at their own website.

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