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Bikini sizing (buying online) confusion

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StepCatsmother Sat 17-Oct-15 20:50:21


I am going on holiday shortly and saw a bikini online that i'd like to buy but the sizing chart has confused me!

I'm usually a large 12/small 14 in most shops but the size guide on the site selling the bikini makes me an 18.

In bras, I'm a 34 B or C yet according to the size guide on the website I'm a 36 A or even AA!

I know sizes vary but this seems to be so far from my normal size that I'm not sure whether to risk it.

Does anyone have any tips about taking measurements or how much notice to take of the guide? Should i just buy the one that's closest to my normal size?

Happy to post a link and my measurements if that would be more helpful!

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