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Recomendation for electric / battery toothbrush and tooth scraper

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ginorwine Sat 17-Oct-15 09:29:08

Help !
Gum disease .
Need to buy good tooth brush
Also wd like to , with care , attack tartar build up between hygienist sessions and need to buy an implement ?
Ps I can't afford a £ 200 type of brush but cd go to Hal that if really good !!!!!

alwaysrunninginheels Sat 17-Oct-15 15:31:19

Oral B are good. The more expensive models have more features but the basic ones are great too. They tend to have deals often on the basic models and you can usually pick them up for half price. I get given the higher spec models from the reps and tbh I wouldn't actually buy one of them. They are great but too expensive. Something like this will do the job well.

ginorwine Sun 18-Oct-15 15:12:20

Thanks !

Jaeme Sun 18-Oct-15 17:44:08

I've been using the Philips sonicare brush with diamond clean heads and the sonicare water flosser.
Seems to be really good and the diamond clean heads are small enough to get right into very back of teeth - I found other ones were too bulky for that in the past.

You can usually pick up the brush and flosser together on offer

pdxs Mon 19-Oct-15 06:38:45

Basic oral b + use the dispoasable tee pee brushes for spaces between + 1 week of corsodyl use (that needs to be at a time when you wont eat/drink for an hour as makes teeth susceptible to staining)

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