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Best gloves for buggy users - please tell me there's a stylish option out there!

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SurreyArmyWife Fri 16-Oct-15 16:24:27

I do a lot of walking with a buggy. This winter I'm facing the same question about what gloves are warm, waterproof and look good. At the moment I have two options; ski gloves (warm, waterproof and ugly) or thin wool ones (look better but I end up cold and wet).

Would leather be better? I'm trying to decide if it's worth it before I splash out.

Any othe ideas?

Thank you.

CityDweller Fri 16-Oct-15 16:33:21

I wear leather gloves for buggy pushing! I have a lovely tan pair. They have a thin cashmere lining, I think. Hands do get a bit cold/wet in really atrocious downpours.

I also have a fleece pair (less stylish obvs) that keep off light to medium rain.

Hopefully Fri 16-Oct-15 17:40:57

I go for wool ones - they are warm enough for me even when wet, and I loathe fully waterproof gloves as they are always too thick. I tend to get fingerless wool gloves with fold over mitten bits on the end so I have fingers spare when the DC inevitably need help with zips/hats/whatever random shit they urgently need doing as soon as I don my gloves.

LalaDipsey Fri 16-Oct-15 17:41:22

They may not be the most stylish but I love my 'Mummy Mitts'. They Velcro onto the buggy so you never forget them and you can take your hands out when you need to do something for your children which is very useful. And they're waterproof. And you can always pop your posh gloves into your bag/under the buggy for if needed, but for school runs you can't beat the Mummy Mitts!

Hopefully Fri 16-Oct-15 17:55:59

Mummy mitts may be the single least appealing name for a product I have ever heard. I can imagine the adverts now: "Mummy mitts - because dads are too manly to need gloves". Annoyingly, i can imagine they are also really useful.

anotherdayanothersquabble Fri 16-Oct-15 18:22:15

Leather, even possibly lined leather. No need to splash out as you can always find them in TK Maxx.

leadrightfoot Fri 16-Oct-15 18:49:25

Leather with cashmere or silk lining M&S do a range

NuzzleandScratch Fri 16-Oct-15 18:55:12

Mummy Mits are very good, but agree the name's hideous!

WaitroseEssentialPancetta Fri 16-Oct-15 19:56:40

I've got ski gloves with clips on so I can attach them to the buggy and don't have to buy something called mummy mitts smile

marriednotdead Sat 17-Oct-15 10:17:34

Many years ago when they were a new innovation, I bought my then childminder some mummy mitts as her hands were always chapped. Name may be vile but she said they were utterly brilliant.

Lambzig Sat 17-Oct-15 18:49:55

Leather or wool gloves with those super thin silk gloves underneath. Lovely and warm

I have wool gloves that have that touch thing on the fingers do you can still work your phone.

seefeld Sat 17-Oct-15 18:55:52

I found my leather gloves weren't warm enough last year - my hands hurt so much in the cold - so this year I've bought a pair of buggy gloves and have high hopes!

Buttwing Sat 17-Oct-15 19:38:15

Black leather with grey hush cashmere wrist warmers over the top.

DinosaursRoar Sat 17-Oct-15 20:36:40

"Mummy mitts" sounds like a euphemism for something unseamly that I'll want to know what it means but will be too scared to google...

anyway, I have the same issue, was thinking of trying sports shops, I'm sure you can get waterproof rugby gloves that are less bulky than skiing ones, some research is probably needed...

amarmai Sun 18-Oct-15 13:21:32

now that my gs walks i use the mummy mitts when biking in the winter. They're great.

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