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Cheap(ish £40) long lasting perfume for winter?

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xSummerStarsx Fri 16-Oct-15 15:10:43

I am a Chanel girl, adore Coco Mademoiselle and the Chances, however, I can't keep justifying wearing them to work everyday.

Can anyone recommend a decent perfume (Max, £45) that actually lasts to wear to work each day this winter?


MagicalRealist Fri 16-Oct-15 16:41:45

Try Elie Saab eau de toilette, it's beautiful and has good lasting power.

Madnson Sat 17-Oct-15 00:37:34

Chanel girl here that had to reevaluate the expenditure on my perfume. Chanel is now just used socially. I have bought Jean Paul gautier Classique for work and that's ages, it's an old favourite of mine and getting loads and loads of compliments on it too xx

Charitygirl1 Sat 17-Oct-15 11:23:49

Red Roses by Jo Malone is about £30 and despite being floral is very warm and cosy IMO

Charitygirl1 Sat 17-Oct-15 11:25:21

Oh and it is long lasting - more than any other JM scent I've tried.

JaceLancs Sat 17-Oct-15 11:26:30

I find guerlain last very well on me

Starface Sat 17-Oct-15 11:32:40

Or try perfume parlour. They do pure oil versions of classic scents so you can continue with chanel (I have no 5, coco mademoiselle and chance). It can wear off a bit (not too bad though) but the bottles are small enough to carry in your handbag for a top up depending on how strong you like it. Its very pocket friendly. I learned about it here.

expatinscotland Sat 17-Oct-15 11:39:24

I like Samsara.

yazzy85 Mon 02-Nov-15 15:11:57

Have you found one you like?? I'm also looking for a buget winter perfume.

Jelly101 Mon 02-Nov-15 15:26:21

Lancôme Tresor Midnight Rose & La Vie est Belle are my faves. grin

GreenHamNoeggs Mon 02-Nov-15 17:16:48

Liz Earle No 15.

LeaLeander Mon 02-Nov-15 17:22:36

I order from Fragonard in Grasse, France (easy to find on web) -- their house perfume, Fragonard, has been my favorite for 20 years. It's a bit rich for summer but lovely in fall/winter. A small aluminum vial of perfume (not eau de parfum) lasts YEARS. Wearing it right now!

Do not order Reve Indien -- I did and it smells like a mixture of vanilla extract and Play Doh. Charming bottle though.

WaxyBean Mon 02-Nov-15 17:50:34

Zara Woman Floral is a great dupe for Chanel Chance and seems reasonably long lasting - £7.99 for 100ml EDT.

yazzy85 Mon 02-Nov-15 20:07:10

Will have a look at these, thanks! WaxyBean Chanel Chance is a favourite of mine so will definitely check that out.

BrendaandEddie Mon 02-Nov-15 20:09:44


Tate15 Mon 02-Nov-15 20:50:47

Al Rehab fragrance oils.

Cheap on Amazon and ebay.

fredabear Mon 02-Nov-15 21:03:43

Origins ginger

HopefulAnxiety Mon 02-Nov-15 23:53:29

Lea they sell Fragonard in M&S now! I agree that it's a great option, proper expensive-smelling perfume but such good value. Al Rehab perfume oils are great value too.

Agree that Elie Saab and JPG Classique are good if you like Coco Mademoiselle and the Chances.

xSummerStarsx Tue 03-Nov-15 08:25:41

Thanks guys! I haven't managed to get one yet so I will definitely be looking up some of these options!

The Zara one sounds interesting, as does the Fragonard. What does the Fragonard smell like?

yazzy85 Wed 04-Nov-15 10:36:22

Just bought the Zara one and it is really very similar to chance, just s bit lighter/fresher which is perfect!

ladybird69 Sat 07-Nov-15 00:01:54

I've bought/worn many many perfumes over the years and the only one that I've ever had compliments on is Avon faraway! so it's my favourite perfume ever. even over j'dore!

xSummerStarsx Sat 07-Nov-15 09:15:06

Thank you for your suggestions re the Zara one. As its only £7 a pop I thought I'd try that first. I'll be wearing it for the first time today but I did spray a bit last night when to see what it smelt like and my god, it really does smell like Chance- the green bottled one!

If this has even slight staying power then I am going to run down to Zara next weekend and get a few bottles and stock up grin

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