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How to look a little bit prettier

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JessePinkman2 Wed 14-Oct-15 13:42:00

smile I'm so drab & grey & lumpy. Next Tuesday I'm meeting with an ex colleague for a coffee to talk about getting back into work.
I'm seperated...he's divorced/hot wink
I don't want to go over the top & look try hard for coffee but I'm thinking dye the grey bits/get nails done. What else would you do to feel a bit better? My confidence is on the floor so I need to feel better about how I look. Is teeth whitening/ eyebrow shaping too much I've never had those in just trying to think of things...ty

Nabootique Wed 14-Oct-15 13:47:30

I can't really help on teeth/brow shaping stuff (although actually would love to have my teeth whitened. I use brow mascara and it makes them look very groomed), but what do you do make-up wise at the moment? Is that something you could use to give yourself a boost?

starsinyourpies Wed 14-Oct-15 13:48:00

Get a haircut

Go and do a make up trial at a counter (if on a budget do this directly before meeting!) ask for a natural look so you don't look overdone.

Be confident!

starsinyourpies Wed 14-Oct-15 13:48:45

Eye brow shaping is a good idea, do it a couple of days before for any redness to die down.

LettuceLaughton Wed 14-Oct-15 13:54:12

I'd not dye the grey if you haven't before, is a massive commitment and faff. Just let it do it's thing and get a fantastic cut.

Eyebrows is always a good thing to get done and, yes, nails. Do your teeth if you fancy it, why not!

JessePinkman2 Wed 14-Oct-15 13:55:24

Thanks. I normally do bb cream & mascara, nothing more as I'm not confident with makeup. Brow Mascara sounds easy though I'll get that. Yes I'm on a budget. Do home whitening kits actually work ? Would I have to buy the makeup from a counter if I did a trial?

patterkiller Wed 14-Oct-15 13:55:42

I've just started wearing blusher and lipstick in a natural slightly pinky shade and it's really made a difference. I went to Bobbi brown counter for a trial first and didn't buy anything there and then as I wanted to see how it lasted and how it looked in different light.

LettuceLaughton Wed 14-Oct-15 13:55:53

Gosh that was bossy! I just mean that starting to dye away the grey is a bigger deal and commitment than one might imagine and not often always the most flattering option.

Annarose2014 Wed 14-Oct-15 13:55:56

Ditto the hair, but I also find that radiant skin helps. I mix a few drops of luminizer in with moisturiser or sunscreen and it does help a lot. You look all rested and bright eyed. L'Oreal have that Lumi one which is cheap.

SeasonalVag Wed 14-Oct-15 13:58:08

If you can, do teeth, eyebrows haircut n nails.

Flingmoo Wed 14-Oct-15 13:59:30

I think some of it is in your head so if you feel pretty, you'll 'project' pretty... for me this means all over pampering myself without doing anything drastic or costly e.g. have a lovely bath, exfoliate and moisturise all over, spend a bit longer doing hair to the best of your ability (I use a Babyliss Big Hair), I don't wear a lot more makeup than usual but will sit down and spend a bit longer making it perfect. Wear clothes that make you feel happy and comfortable, not something where you feel like you're trying so hard that it doesn't feel "you"

... that's my approach.

misscph1973 Wed 14-Oct-15 14:00:23

I wouldn't do too much - you end up regretting a hair cut or other drastic measures. Perhaps something to make you feel better, like a pedicure/manicure, make sure you have done something nice but simple in the week leading up to the meet up, like all body exfoliate, hair mask etc.? Make sure you get early nights so that you are rested and look your best. In the end, it's about your confidence, not whatever superficial purchase you can make.

Nabootique Wed 14-Oct-15 14:02:04

I like the Maybelline brow mascara. If you're not confident with make up a few simple things that would make a lot of difference in addition to what you're already doing is a little highlighter (cream or powder) along the top of your cheek bones, blush (cream is easier to blend and harder to overdo - Max Factor is nice), and a sheer lip colour, like Revlon Lip Butters.

Blueturquoise Wed 14-Oct-15 14:05:19

A good brow shaping really frames your face and improves it IMO. Lots of places do treading now. Trim hair. Sort nails out and dress simply but neatly. Mascara s perfect and a little lip gloss helps bring some colour to your face if you re not feeling too adventurous with lipstick.

starsinyourpies Wed 14-Oct-15 14:11:00

You don't have to buy anything at a make up trial, just say you'll think about it if you aren't keen. Bobbi brown very good for this sort of thing, they will just write down the items they used if you ask.

mewkins Wed 14-Oct-15 14:14:53

Definitely make up!!! If you are not confident go to a make up counter....bobbi brown or clinique and tell them you want something natural (and mention if you don't like the feel of foundation as I don't). You will be amazed at what a difference make up can make if you don't nornally wear it. You don't have to follow what they do as you will probably feel a bit made up but you could use a little of their eyeshadow and clinique eyeliner is nice and subtle and smudgy. You also don't have to buy anything or everyyhing they suggest as eg. Max factor mascara is brilliant and revlon colourstay eyeshadow quads are fab and pretty cheap. Rimmel do dead cheap and brilliant eyebrow pencils. Revlon lipbutter is great for a very subtle colour on your lips. Good luck!

mewkins Wed 14-Oct-15 14:15:46

Oooh i see lots of us recommend the lip butters!

Nabootique Wed 14-Oct-15 15:00:36

Great minds, newkins wink

Nabootique Wed 14-Oct-15 15:01:15

Although my great mind can't spell mewkins hmm

mewkins Wed 14-Oct-15 16:03:40

Haha, don't think I have ever posted without a spelling error or two!

jellyjiggles Wed 14-Oct-15 16:08:36

Make sure you smell good! This can do so much for a women (and man wink)

jellyjiggles Wed 14-Oct-15 16:10:01

Also start a good seriously looking after your skin and can I suggest a slight illuminator, cream blush and nude lipstick.

jellyjiggles Wed 14-Oct-15 16:14:14

I meant to say a good skin cleansing and good moisturising including a mild exfoliation. Drink lots more water, eat right, get sleep. Your far better going for a natural 'look in beaming' that a major slap on when it's just not you.

FrancesHeck Wed 14-Oct-15 16:54:21

A blow dry an hour or so before you meet. Cheaper than a haircut, nothing drastic and it will make you feel relaxed and groomed.

hellsbellsmelons Wed 14-Oct-15 16:58:16

Nice long bath.
Shave legs, armpits and tidy the lady garden (not because you are going to have sex with him, just to make you feel better)
Eyebrows, yes - Book in for HD brows if you can.
Nails and hair - Yes.
Look like you've made a bit of effort but not too much.
Good luck!!

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