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Seasalt wagtail dress

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Greengardenpixie Wed 14-Oct-15 10:46:21

I really love their baby cord dresses. I am between a 12 and a 14. Has anyone got this dress. Can you advise which siz to order. I really hate to order and be dissapointed with the size.Thanks!

stripytees Wed 14-Oct-15 11:12:44

Have you looked at all the reviews on their website? Those should help.

I love the look of this dress too but it looks really short.

Greengardenpixie Wed 14-Oct-15 12:09:32

I have but its kind of mixed. Some say to size up and some say its fine. Thing have even measured myself and compared with the size but the 12 would fit. It does look short but i hoping i can get away with it with leggings and boots.

Greengardenpixie Wed 14-Oct-15 12:10:41

I just thought if someone had bought it, i could chat to them about the bust and arm as thats wear i reckon it might feel a bit tight. Thanks for replying smile

bellabelly Wed 14-Oct-15 12:22:28

I have bought their needlecord Paxton dresses before (a more fitted shape than your one) and I always size up. But I have big boobs and big hips. There's not much "give" in the fabric. You know they are doing free returns at the moment so you could order both and send one back?

bellabelly Wed 14-Oct-15 12:29:30

Order by 21 October and you should get 10% off with the code PPOCA10 - free delivery & free returns.

Greengardenpixie Wed 14-Oct-15 12:34:13

Sadly cant afford to order both atm. The needlecord has no give - totally agree but the dress looks a bit smocky. I am a 32F so bust size can be an issue and its hard to tell when some people on the reviews say they ordered a size up and then say it was hanging off them!! I have measured myself across the bust and measure 37 inches. The size 12 is 38.2 according to the website,so maybe that isnt enough space to move??? especially if no give. Mind you, i am hoping to lose some weight to fit more into a 12 but i have zero motivation atm. Maybe i should wait really!

Greengardenpixie Wed 14-Oct-15 12:34:50

Oh Bella, thanks for that smile

Crouchendchris Tue 15-Dec-15 22:10:53

Did you buy the wagtail dress? I bought this dress in October, a larger size than I normally take and it fits fine but I'd say it's quite roomy, the arms are quite loose. The size smaller, my usual size felt a bit tight getting on and off. As for the length, it's not too short at all. It sits just above the knee on me and I'm 5'6". Looks great with thick tights or leggings. I got the aubergine colour and I absolutely adore tad colours and the print. They seem to be selling out fast so I do hope you got yours and in the right size.

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