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Free online 'get your colours done' service?

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Bellyrub1980 Tue 13-Oct-15 15:43:35

At risk of turning into Bridget Jones' mum, I'm really keen to get my colours done! Not sure why, just curious I guess.

Actually, like another thread on here, have just had a baby, figure is quite different and I have no style. Just wearing hoodies and jogging bottoms all day everyday, unless I go out in which case it's jeans.

Although I never really had any style to be honest, but I was reasonably tidy and smart when required.

Thought getting my colours done would be a good place to start... But on no pay on mat leave so it needs to be free really. This is something my husband would NEVER pay for!!!

Hopefully Tue 13-Oct-15 15:51:22

If you're doing it online it is thoroughly unreliable and basically has a one in four chance of getting you to the right season (or one in 12 if you use a 12 palette system) BUT if you do it and find a palette of colours you like and can keep your wardrobe to, you will still look miles more 'together' and shopping will be easier even if you don't get the season right.

Lots of people will now come and guess your season based on a description/photo, which might give you a starting point. I won't do that because I am absolutely 100% certain that it is impossible without proper analysis.

Bellyrub1980 Tue 13-Oct-15 16:07:59

Ok, I see. Dammit!! But like you say, it's better than nothing.

I have ginger hair (natural), dark blue/grey eyes, I have yellow toned skin with freckles but I can tan slowly and gradually.

My gut feeling says either spring or Autumn. But I don't have the typical colouring of a red head so it's hard to be sure.

Blodss Tue 13-Oct-15 16:48:12

Could you either buy a colour swatch or go through your wardrobe and hold different colours up to your face in natural light (by window) and see what looks best on you and makes you come alive. With red hair and blue eyes and freckled warm skin you do sound like a warm of some description.

Blodss Tue 13-Oct-15 16:50:16

have a little go with these.

nooka Tue 13-Oct-15 16:57:00

I think you need to have some colour swatches (really any materials in different colours) and an impartial friend to get an idea as to what works for you.

I had my colours done with a friend of mine many years ago. We are both pale with dark hair. She has blue eyes and I have hazelish eyes. I assumed that of course I'd be winter, but actually I turned out to be deep summer (she was winter though). It was fascinating to see how different the colours looked on her and on me.

Awholelottanosy Tue 13-Oct-15 16:59:49

I got one done for free as when they're training people they need 'clients' to practise on. Contact Colour me Beautiful or House of Colour and see if they need people. Obviously you'd have to travel to where their training is but they have a few across the country.

Plumpysoft Tue 13-Oct-15 20:16:21

Hopefully did my colours and it has transformed me! I have saved an awful lot of money in the last year...

Bellyrub1980 Tue 13-Oct-15 21:39:48

Thank you for all the replies! I'm now tempted to ask for this for Christmas. Maybe me and my mum can get it for each other.

I know, just from experience, that anything between navy blue and green really suit me. Reds and pinks hardly ever suits me, but some raspberry tones are ok. Yellow is very tricky unless it's a pale lemon. Having said that, reddish gold around my eyes makes them look more blue... So maybe I'm missing something there clothes wise.

Just remembered, I've got a huge pile of paint swatches in the house as we're doing it up. Infact, I'm tempted to go in the dulux trade shop and ask the lady behind the counter what my colours are... she has picked all my wall colours for me and seems to be a real expert!! Lol!

I shall check out those sites... Thank you!


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