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Ashamed of my beauty product hoard! - Part 2

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IPokeBadgers Mon 12-Oct-15 10:10:15

Hoping link to previous thread works!

Continuation of the thread where I realised I was not alone in my hoarding of all things make-up/beauty/skincare/toiletries.

Lots of lovely mumsnetters who encourage each other to use and enjoy all those lovely products, and at the same time try to reduce our spending on unnecessaries!

IPokeBadgers Mon 12-Oct-15 10:22:22

And to start us off, some empties!

I used up a couple of sachets of magazine freebie shampoo and conditioner at the weekend and have just this morning finished off a [small] Crabtree & Evelyn Handcream - Caribbean Island Wild Flowers.

Have a mountain of hand-cream so wont buy again anytime soon, but this was actually a repurchase after I got a large version of it for my birthday last year. Bit bored of it now but not bad as far as handcreams go.

Oh, and although I don't like binning products, I binned a [small] half empty Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise body lotion that had been sitting in the bathroom since pussy was a kitten. When I looked at it yesterday I realised it was over a decade old and didn't smell quite as it should! blush

Costacoffeeplease Mon 12-Oct-15 10:35:26

Just checking in - one eyeliner finished, and a chubby stick on its last legs here

FiveShelties Mon 12-Oct-15 14:01:21

Thank you for the lovely new thread. I actually walked around Boots, Superdrug, M & S and Debenhams on Friday and did not buy anything - a definite first for me!

dogdaydisaster Mon 12-Oct-15 14:37:31

I finished a few elemis bits this weekend- the cleanser and facial toner spray. Both had back ups in the cupboard blush. I have actually run out of acid toner so need to buy something this week to replace those. Might go for the clearasil pads to save a bit as I'm skint this month.

IPokeBadgers Mon 12-Oct-15 15:50:07

Congratulations FiveShelties - that is quite an achievement! I was in Boots and Superdrug at the weekend and more or less managed to only buy what I went in for....had a list and stuck to it.

But then, the list also included the words "NO MAKE-UP" in big letters to remind me to behave myself!

Helenagrace Mon 12-Oct-15 16:09:15

One mascara used up here. Only about 7 to go...

I did buy a decleor night balm at the weekend but I had used up my regular night cream and was using up odd trial sizes.

I'm using up perfumes as well - just about to finish a bottle of Gucci Flora that is about 4 years old.

GingerLemonTea Mon 12-Oct-15 18:27:52

Not going well here. Bought 2 magazines today just for beauty products.
Ren face stuff with Instyle
& Loccitane hand cream with another.

GingerLemonTea Mon 12-Oct-15 18:30:34

Thinking of binning my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. It's about 5 years old. It's not finished, not even at pan & today someone said you've got glitter all over your face!
Hate throwing it out unfinished though.

IPokeBadgers Mon 12-Oct-15 21:07:34

Are you being a bit heavy handed with the shimmer brick Ginger? Or is is really that glittery? Could you use it in other places eg décolletage? Seems a shame to bin it but if it is no longer working for you then maybe that's all you can do.....

GingerLemonTea Mon 12-Oct-15 21:24:21

I just saw it today in bright light & it didn't look good anymore. Plus I've just read the story about bacteria in blusher & wonder if it's contributing to breakouts.

legohurtswhenyoustandonit Mon 12-Oct-15 21:29:51

Marking my place. I'm only averaging about one empty a week at the moment. I'm never going to finish everything before I get more for Christmas.

Ememem84 Mon 12-Oct-15 21:55:20

My update....

Am almost there with Mac eyeshadow and perfume.

And think I'll be done with a face wash soon (apricot scrub - have been using on my hands and feet as was too harsh for my face).

I've had a look in the soared box and can see the bottom of it!!

Ememem84 Mon 12-Oct-15 21:56:58

*spares. Not soared.

pdxs Mon 12-Oct-15 22:22:03

I was INSPIRED by last thread - finished various travel /samples from 2009, and focusing on using up a couple of lippies by Xmas.

Using up is freeing me of so much clutter, focuses me on what I use (make up wise) and more hygienic

Nearly finished a body lotion that has been open in bathroom and neglected for year and a half ...

pdxs Mon 12-Oct-15 22:26:50

Ginger: give your shimmer brick a wipe, spritz with alcohol (vodka) then put it on sabbatical while you use something else up. Powder products rarely get unhygenic, problems are things you dip fingers in (face cream), eyeso - mascara, liners- due to contact with tears and lippies. Although lippies can also be cleaned by spraying with alcohol and wiping. It is a waste to throw if still fine I think...

pdxs Mon 12-Oct-15 22:28:35

Em. .. and all you hoarders, just to mention back2mac. .. If you take 6 mac empties to counter you can get a free lipstick.. reward for using up!

Ememem84 Tue 13-Oct-15 06:47:37

pdxs 6??? Oh man. That one has taken almost 5 months of daily use.

lucky I have three more exactly the same

Blueandwhitelover Tue 13-Oct-15 08:00:21

Placemarking to continue using up my hoard..

Paperblank Tue 13-Oct-15 12:30:39


I'm sorry to report a lack of significant empties. I don't count shower gel/bubble bath in my empties tally but I have stopped stockpiling them slightly

Have just painted my nails I could paint the house with polish and still have some left over.

FrustratedFrugal Tue 13-Oct-15 16:34:47

Ooh wonderful, we have a new thread! I've used up a mini toothpaste, and finishing my lovely Biore Watery essence sunscreen any day now! Travelling right now, took a lot of really nice mini toiletries with me (rented house) and really enjoying them. So hoping to finish something else soon!

GingerLemonTea Tue 13-Oct-15 17:49:35

So by buying 3 magazines I have acquired about 8 samples plus the freebies mentioned before.
It was my birthday last week so I now also have a 100ml bottle of perfume plus 2 free samples. Not really keeping with the spirit of the thread here.
Going to pick something small & use it up over next few days.

NotQuitePerfect Wed 14-Oct-15 06:44:35

Please may I join? Lurked on your last thread throughout its entirety - it really helped me get a grip and stop stockpiling/ switching products the whole time (nothing was getting used up completely).

Now I'm pretty good at using one product til it's done - huge satisfaction in standing a shampoo bottle on its end or cutting open a hand cream tube to extract the last drop!

Although I never posted, I did keep a list of empties including a simple 'no' or 'yes' as to whether re-purchase was necessary or desirable.

Have applied the concept of the thread to other product areas - household cleaners, scented candles. Though I don't keep an empties list for those things grin I have started bring mindful of using one product/candle until it's gone wink

Thanks for a great thread ladies.

IPokeBadgers Wed 14-Oct-15 16:10:04

All welcome NotQuitePerfect, glad the thread has inspired you! ;-)

GingerLemonTea Thu 15-Oct-15 19:43:30

Have binned
Avon eye cream
No7 colour correcting cream.
Had both for a few years. Went to test today & they had separated.

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