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Cashmere socks?

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ShootTheMoon Mon 12-Oct-15 08:43:56

I'm wondering about buying cashmere socks for my mum's birthday - I've seen recommendations here and I think she'd enjoy a bit of indulgence. Can anyone recommend a good brand?

And can anyone share discount codes? I'm on maternity leave so can't be too spendy.


101handbags Mon 12-Oct-15 11:08:35

Brora? I've not bought socks but have bought other things.

Brora discount codes seem to be pretty rare unless you're already a customer.

faustina Mon 12-Oct-15 12:00:58

I have Brora socks, also Toast. Both brilliant!

Totallyoutoforder Mon 12-Oct-15 12:12:22

The white company. MIL loves then.

ShootTheMoon Mon 12-Oct-15 12:48:41

Thanks! Am looking at all of the above. I see a few places have a cashmere silk blend - they sound quite appealing, has anyone tried them?

Toughasoldboots Mon 12-Oct-15 12:52:25

I had the white company ones and they wore through within a couple of weeks at the heel. The customer service was useless, they said they were only for wearing in bed, never to touch the floor- the women seriously suggested that were I to need the loo in the night, I should remove socks, then put them back on.

ShootTheMoon Mon 12-Oct-15 12:56:28

That's nuts, tough! I have read mixed reviews on all of them tbh.

ShootTheMoon Mon 12-Oct-15 13:21:27

I have just found 100% cashmere socks with Soap and Sleep for £20 (on sale from £35) - I'm going to give them a go smile

amarmai Mon 12-Oct-15 13:59:45


mowglik Mon 12-Oct-15 14:06:45

I got some from John Lewis and they are gorgeous but I can tell they are going to wear through soon where my corns are

If you think she will wear them around and about the house maybe try cashmere blend socks you can buy a few for the same price as cashmere socks

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 12-Oct-15 14:07:43

100% cashmere socks will not wear well if worn with boots etc. I do think they're more for lounging round in

FreeButtonBee Mon 12-Oct-15 14:13:05

I have Brora ones and they are strictly for in bed. I don't gobsondar as to take them off for a wee but I never wear them round the house - maybe if I was ill and had my big slipper boots on top. They are so warm though, I can sleep with the duvet at half mast (cosleeping and bfing ds2) with just a thin thermal top on and I am not cold at all.

bluesky Mon 12-Oct-15 14:16:49

thanks for the code shoot

i usually get the White Company, they are beautifully soft but they will wear out if you walk around them, they are just bed socks. I liked them because they are loose and slouchy so you can kick them off in bed when you are half asleep!

will give the soap and sleep ones a go this winter.

ShootTheMoon Mon 12-Oct-15 14:21:54

Thanks all. My mum does run very cold and is home a lot so I think she will be fine to wear them mostly in bed, or when she is reading. She wears slippers a lot anyway. At least it's not so galling to have holes in a £20 pair compared to a £40 pair.

chanie44 Mon 12-Oct-15 18:30:37

I wanted a pair after the s&b ladies on here raved about them.

I saw some in a shop in Covent Garden, but concluded that they probably wouldn't last very long (although I had not long ruined a cashmere jumper in the washing machine, so I may just be a bit sensitive).

Ponymagic Mon 12-Oct-15 18:41:08

I got Falke cashmere socks from John Lewis. They wore really well until I mistakenly put them in the tumble drier when they shrank!

Notoedike Mon 12-Oct-15 18:47:04

I bought dh a pair for Christmas - I don't think they lasted more than 2 weeks before the first hole appeared.

MsBojangles Mon 12-Oct-15 20:17:47

The White Company ones are divine, after wearing out my first couple of pairs I'm now obsessive about wearing slippers with them when I need to be upright.

jessjones123abc Sun 13-Dec-15 12:27:47

I bought 2 pairs of cashmere bed socks from The Reach London for a friend ( She absolutely loves them she is wearing them all the time smile You also get free gift wrapping on top which is a bonus!

cressetmama Mon 14-Dec-15 11:47:48

If you want really luxurious socks that also wear well, have a look at the Corrymoor mohair socks. Lots of colours, much cheaper than cashmere, feel like a dream and unlike cashmere, possum, alpaca and all the other luxe socks I've tried, they can be machine washed (not tumbled) and worn with boots and wellies without going through at the heels. The Sportsman style is my preference because the sole is looped inside so softer and thicker. About £13...

Toffeelatteplease Mon 14-Dec-15 11:51:15

Asda used to do cashmere blend socks. They were gorgeous and still going strong years later

Vicliz24 Thu 17-Dec-15 06:44:26

Marks and spencer had some in Nottingham last week. ( sold out online) I got some last year £30 and they're lovely but must keep slippers on when not in bed

lavenderhoney Thu 17-Dec-15 07:02:51

I bought mine from John Lewis but I only use them as bed socks and always with slippers out of bed. and hand wash them - it's a lot of faff tbh, you have to like them!

BrendaandEddie Thu 17-Dec-15 07:38:37

welcome to mumsnet jessjones123abc god luck with your company!

OneofTHOSEWomen Thu 17-Dec-15 10:51:07

Socks that wear out if you walk in them? OK. File under dry clean only knickers.

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