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Making your own jewellery...does anyone do this?

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Dowser Sun 11-Oct-15 21:08:14

I'm sure tat some clever mumsnetters will be doing just that. I've been going to classes sporadically for about a year and really enjoy making some lovely unique pieces.

I can't show you what I've just made as I can't post a picture but it looks a bit like this

I like to incorporate semi precious stones in mine where possible. So, I have the pearls down the centre, with 8mm amethyst beads either side and the criss cross seed beads are a mixture of pink, purple, gold and copper colour. It took me 3 sessions and about 4 hours. I actually hate small bead work as they are microscopic but the effect of those is stunning.

Another lovely piece I made and gave away was a beautiful piece of green sea glass that I wire wrapped and hung from some green Chinese knotting thread with 8mm round green aventurine crystal beads. These are knotted on macramé style.

It's nice to be able to make something unique to compliment an just takes me ages to finish a piece.

Hope you don't mind me mentioning this . Someone had started a jewellery thread and just made me wonder what other MNetters get up too.

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