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Crepe Fear!

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GiddyGiddyGoat Sun 11-Oct-15 18:13:38

Ta Da.

CointreauVersial Sun 11-Oct-15 18:19:21

Aah, well done, GGG.

Cremo Sun 11-Oct-15 18:21:49

That conversion made me feel a bit sick Hatty. envy I have very a complicated supporting system for sport, which I cannot divulge on here, but in 'other circumstances ' I may also be supporting Les Bleues. Depends who is playing. Dnephew is being trained up for Ireland u16. So bit nervous wracking here today.....

bigTillyMint Sun 11-Oct-15 18:24:13

Ooh Cremo, go your nephew!

I am an All Blacks fan. Since Jonah Lomu times!

Cremo Sun 11-Oct-15 18:30:01

21!!!!!!!! Yo ya boy ya!envyenvyenvywinkgrin

MontserratCaballe Sun 11-Oct-15 18:31:25

Thanks, GGG.

Cremo, sorry your work situation is so rank. Feel for you. Sending love flowers

herbaceous Sun 11-Oct-15 18:40:55

It's OK, CV! We don't really have a book shortage, it's just if Beachy wanted to give them away, and it wasn't a gigantic pain in the arse, I'd take them off her hands!

Re wedding 'friends', it's odd. They pride themselves on being terribly emotionally intelligent, love a good deep-n-meaningful chat, and have both done the navel-gazing Landmark cult course for self-improvement purposes.

Ooh, is the rugger on now? I'd better support Ireland now. DP's family is from there, and I do like a bit of emerald green.

I'm trying to plan my lesson for tomorrow. I'll be teaching an Irish traveller boy who's entering year 7 with the literacy level of a reception child.

motherinferior Sun 11-Oct-15 18:40:59

Just checking in...

BeachysFlipFlops Sun 11-Oct-15 18:56:21

I'm here......

Thinking my books might be a bit low brow for mini Herbs - lots of Horrid Henry and Dirtie Bertie....

MrsSchadenfreude Sun 11-Oct-15 19:18:02


hattymattie Sun 11-Oct-15 19:24:53

Well done to your boys Crem. DH switched on his computer - I said "aren't you watching the rugby?". He said "it's no fun when we're losing". True French sour grapes grin.

Blackduck Sun 11-Oct-15 19:28:39

here pub gate reaches new heights as he has said no children in the bar......
Well that's the other half of the village currently not boycotting the place seething....

MrsSchadenfreude Sun 11-Oct-15 19:46:15

How long do you reckon he'll last, BD? grin

Rosebag Sun 11-Oct-15 20:00:48

Wot all the others said Crem At least you'll be in a position to look around whilst still working, even if it's a shite gig for a time.

Herbs Post photos of you living it up....they'll see them, and living your life well without their rotten invite is the best revenge of all. I take you're not inviting then to your Saga shin dig? There's a great opportunity for lots of posting of amazing times...without their presence... grin

This weekend has been relentlessly dull and we're all sniping at one another. I haven't visited DDad and should have done...partly because of the virus I've had and mostly because I didn't want to blush sad

We had dinner out with friend last night and they are really lovely friends. I feel lucky to have them, but do any of you ever sit there with friends, chatting and laughing, and think..."they're really living. WTF am I doing with my life...?"

Rosebag Sun 11-Oct-15 20:03:56

what a lot of silly typos....but you get my drift....

GiddyGiddyGoat Sun 11-Oct-15 20:05:40

I'm sure you know more about this than me Crem, but check that the option you choose (other than leaving, obviously) will give you continuity of employment so that you have the rights you've accrued over the years, not back to square 1 with zilch.

bigTillyMint Sun 11-Oct-15 20:10:48

Rose, what are they doing that you are not?

Cremo Sun 11-Oct-15 20:16:48

Yes GGG I hear you. This to be discussed at next meeting, at which they want my decision and my signature. I have been trying to get this information for weeeeeks. I have only, until now ever been shown a 'draft' JD , not the actual new one. ( it doesn't exist)
They don't know their arses from their elbows and the new company are forcing their hand at every level because of a set opening date. We are at the bottom of the food chain, and an afterthought precisely because hat we do is neither valued nor understood.
I need to have a list of questions that I can bring with me and not leave until they have been clarified. Have tried this before and failed.

Rosebag Sun 11-Oct-15 20:19:35

Well, one's a judge....I kid you not. One has been able to complete a post graduate degree that I will never get to do. One's a Doctor and one's a Mathematician. It's just my insecurities, I guess....

Cremo Sun 11-Oct-15 20:23:28

Yes Rose. I look at you and see a most accomplished woman, with an interesting and creative life.and someone who has overcome illness and come out fighting. Nothing to be envious of if your family are a credit to you, and yours are. thanks
B--tw I feel like this occasionally too.--

MrsSchadenfreude Sun 11-Oct-15 20:24:03

Yes, what constitutes "really living"?

My cousin and his wife don't work. They are both the same age as me. They spend their time travelling, going on cruises, city breaks - they are always away. They don't need to work financially, it looks a lovely life, but they have both been seriously ill in the last couple of years, and have both been made redundant. My cousin lost both his brother and his father last year (which is why they don't need to work), and there is a slight desperation about their lifestyle - very "carpe diem." So superficially, it looks as if they are "really living"... but there is a huge backstory.

Some days I feel as if I am just existing. I have been forcing myself to go out more and do more, and I love it when I do this, but it is an effort, and I would sometimes like to just slump on the sofa with a cup of tea and a pile of egg sandwiches (which is my default).

Laska5772 Sun 11-Oct-15 20:30:41

hello I have often wondered what this thread is about? S&B for women over a certain age by any chance? 50?

NUFC69 Sun 11-Oct-15 20:31:10

Crem, lots of good advice on here; not an easy decision for you.

We had a lovely surprise birthday lunch with my friend, who cried when she saw everyone, great speech from her and her DD who both said that they had all thought she would never make it to 60. We then went to see the DC - DS had, however, taken DGD1 to the walk in centre- it turns out she has slapped cheek and they prescribed ice cream and crisps! Then on to DD's where we did get our cuddles. DGD2 is just potty trained and I have had a text from DD telling me that she can't understand why she can't stand up to wee. DD explained and now DGD2 wants to ask Santa to bring her a Willie for Christmas. grin

Rose, sorry you feel like that - I quite often feel the same when I am reading about your exploits - grass greener and all that.

Herbs, just ignore your "friends", not worth the bother, I would think. I find charity shops are great for jigsaws as well as books.

MrsSchadenfreude Sun 11-Oct-15 20:32:40

I agree with Cremo, by the way, Rose. 100%.

MrsSchadenfreude Sun 11-Oct-15 20:34:07

Laska - we're not that definite on age, but yes, S & B, and everything under the sun from dogs and children to singing and holidays. Do join us, we are luffly. grin

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