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Capes- stylish or superhero costume?

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TheCraicDealer Sun 11-Oct-15 11:37:44

A friend has liked a local cape-maker(?) on FB and now I keep seeing pictures of models wearing them and I feel like I need one in my life. But I need opinions before I commit.

It was my birthday yesterday and DP has written me an IOU because there wasn't anything I wanted, but I was thinking of this? I'm small (5"2) but they do come in petite.... What do you think? Am I just being seduced by swishy haired women flouncing about in meadows?

73dexter Sun 11-Oct-15 11:39:17

Are you a Sherlock Holmes wannabe?! Capes are the sort of thing that I think look nice in pictures but in reality aren't so great.

Morsecode Sun 11-Oct-15 11:53:57

Not so much superhero as bag lady IMO.

BuyMeAPony Sun 11-Oct-15 11:55:42

I think they are OK for occasions but in real life, with handbags, shopping and holding small children's hands, your arms get cold. Pushing a pram is also not that great.

If you don't do any of those feel free. I have one I wear when going out. Love it.

Notoedike Sun 11-Oct-15 12:07:33

I like them on other people but have decided they lack practicality and so therefore would never leave my it's a no from me!

BritabroadinAsia Sun 11-Oct-15 12:18:47

<whispers> I quite like the one Cookie Lyons wears in Empire...

LovelyFriend Sun 11-Oct-15 13:16:59

I've been watching back to back Reign on Netflix- I think it may be partially responsible for the current Cape trend.

I want one in velvet with a hood and fancy clasp. Would probably never wear it out of the house though.

BringMeTea Sun 11-Oct-15 13:23:46

I have always had a yen for a Scottish widows type cape. If I lived on a remote cold isle I might get one. The other ones not so much.

mewkins Sun 11-Oct-15 15:16:07

I like the style but that does look very very Sherlock. I would like that in a dark plain navy or burgundy though. But as I said on another thread the restricted arm thing would annoy me after a while.

TheCraicDealer Sun 11-Oct-15 17:15:02

Hmm, you all sound very like DP and are giving me the doubts. But then I see pictures like this and I keep thinking, "ooooh that is chic". I don't think I'd bother with the sunglasses though. Not in NI.

Floisme Sun 11-Oct-15 17:17:59

I think they're lovely for dressing up in but not for everyday - unless you travel by limo and never carry a bag or umbrella.

Hopefully Sun 11-Oct-15 17:23:35

I adore them, but have yet to see one which can actually work for my lifestyle.

Notoedike Sun 11-Oct-15 17:31:00

Love this, but how would those hand holes ever be practical?

PMagee Sun 11-Oct-15 19:27:48

This is so funny!
My best friend has one of these from the same company and I have just only purchased the Navy one!
They are absolutely amazing and to be honest I wear mine every day casual or going out!
Go for it!


HolgerDanske Sun 11-Oct-15 19:41:29

I love capes and have two already and will be buying another this season if I can stretch to it.

They fit perfectly well with my lifestyle, but then I don't have little children so I don't need to carry a great deal of paraphernalia around with me.

HolgerDanske Sun 11-Oct-15 19:42:31

Oh forgot to say I love the one you linked to.

Nyancat Sun 11-Oct-15 19:47:26

I have the navy one craic, I'm in ni too, totally love it!

Only1scoop Sun 11-Oct-15 19:49:08

I am Mrs Cape for every occasion.

Winter comes and I love getting all my capes out. I have a couple of lovely Laura Ashley ones. One has a zip and the other is knitted with two leather buckles.

I have a more formal smart type one from French connection. Love wearing that with my boots. Very 'stand and deliver'

My more casual capes and ponchos I wear with my toggi chunky boots. Just pop a polo neck on under.

Love em.

The one you have linked does look slightly Watson meets Miss Marple though.

Only1scoop Sun 11-Oct-15 19:51:53

Craic go for it.

That's one is lovely

Even with the shades.

Ilikeflannels Sun 11-Oct-15 19:53:33

I love them!

73dexter Sun 11-Oct-15 20:09:09

The picture you have posted is exactly what I mean! Her left arm is totally useless as her bag is hanging off so she only has one useable arm. Also can you drive with a cape on?

PMagee Sun 11-Oct-15 20:15:17

Hhehe 73dexter yes you can - well I know the one I have from that company has way larger slits than that other photo posted.
Also - the new capes coming in this months apparently have pockets too (I am a bit of a stalker on their facebook page - obsessed) so no silly dangly arm situations ;)) P

Nyancat Sun 11-Oct-15 20:31:25

Pmagee me to, raging now that the new ones will have pockets, it's OK with jeans where I can throw things in my pocket, but if I'm wearing a dress or skirt, no pockets!

PMagee Sun 11-Oct-15 20:38:17

Nyancat that is why I have been hinting to the hubby to get me a Sienna for Christmas hehe xx

TheCraicDealer Sun 11-Oct-15 21:20:32


1scoop, I was laughing at, "Winter comes and I love getting all my capes out"! I like the brown tweeds as I think it would look well with blue/navy jeans and my Clarks Desert Boot wedges. I am a wanky arm-crook bag wearer for the most part so I would put my hands through the little arm holes and be done with it. Or use a little side bag for essentials and wear it under said cape in a manner that would also dissuade pickpockets and/or muggers. At least, that's how I'm going to sell it to my dad grin

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