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La Redoute - sizing and delivery speed

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Dobeedo Sat 10-Oct-15 23:31:49

Has anyone ordered anything from their website before? What is their sizing like? What is the usual delivery speed if they ship it from France in your experience?


Roobix04 Sat 10-Oct-15 23:34:02

I just ordered pretty much a whole new winter wardrobe for dd. Ordered it on Saturday and it came this morning. Sizing seems normal for kids. She's 18mo and I got 12-24 month old stuff and it's perfect. Not sure about adult sizing though sorry.

moveon Sat 10-Oct-15 23:36:00

They are good Delivery around 4-5 days. I am around a 10 and found it similar in size to h&m.
Unless you need something NOW from them, I would consider waiting as they always have money off.

hugoagogo Sat 10-Oct-15 23:37:53

Sizing can be a bit hit and miss- used to be a bit small, but now tends to be generous.

They use Hermes which works ok for me, but it varies locally of course. I don't think they actually ship from France? Anyhow things don't normally take more than a week or so.

Returns are free and once you have ordered with them you will get vouchers for ever more. grin

moveon Sat 10-Oct-15 23:41:57

Oooh, now I see they are having a sale

superzero Sat 10-Oct-15 23:41:58

I buy quite a lot from there.Delivery is quick.Sizing varies as does quality but they have a great free returns service.I would say the clothes generally come up small but there are many brands within the brand so some variation.Agree with poster above ,never pay full price as there are always offers.

Dobeedo Sat 10-Oct-15 23:45:53

Ok. Thanks for the tips, incidentally, the item I'm interested in is 1/3 off.

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