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Empty case for kiko eyeshadows

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RavioliOnToast Sat 10-Oct-15 17:46:26

Is there a generic case that will fit my kiko eyeshadow pans? The kiko store was out of stock and I'd like to order one but as far as I can see the website has just the individual one, and not one big enough for a palette, thanks

WhyDoesGastonBark Sat 10-Oct-15 18:07:13

Are they metal round ones? A z palette should be ok if they are

RavioliOnToast Sat 10-Oct-15 18:56:11

No they're a large round plastic one, I'll take a photo

WhyDoesGastonBark Sat 10-Oct-15 20:25:40

I haven't used a z palette but I think I saw on a youtube video that they come with magnetic strips to put on the back of any shadow?

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