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Can you help me find a lovely pair of gloves?

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divere Sat 10-Oct-15 08:59:45

The ideas in my head are fairly loose, so if you've got a really nice, good quality pair then let me know.

I like the idea of leather underneath and fabric on top. I also quite fancy suede or similar on top, but again, happy to bypass that.

Colour wise, I will mostly be wearing Autumnal colours - brown boots and khaki coat, so that kind of colour scheme. Cream maybe, or tan...don't really mind.

I've had a look through this website but nothing jumped out at me. Any ideas?

dun1urkin Sat 10-Oct-15 10:22:11

I came on to suggest Dents, thought I'd better click your link on the off chance... Oh well grin

divere Sat 10-Oct-15 10:49:51

I've actually just had another look on my iPad and seen that each style has quite a few choices of colour, so perhaps I didn't give it enough of a change grin

I do quite like these three. Brown ones are Debenhams.

divere Sat 10-Oct-15 10:50:29

Enough of a chance that should say.

ChipInTheSugar Sat 10-Oct-15 10:52:35

Have a browse of good ol' TK Maxx - I have some gorgeous leather ones from there that have lasted ages.

noisytoys Sun 11-Oct-15 08:01:32

I have some UGG sheepskin gloves that are lovely and warm. They are about 5 years old now and seem to get better with age. I look forward to getting them out again for winter.

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