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Arghh skin has gone to pot what to do

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Glitteryred Tue 06-Oct-15 21:33:42

After months of looking after my skin the CH way and getting it looking really good it's pretty much gone back to the way it was in a matter of a few days shock

I now have lots of little red bumps in the area on each side of my nose under the eyes and spreading half way across my cheeks. I have tried CH breakouts cheat sheet plan but it's not really working so now I'm scared to put anything on after a cleanse with the lrp toleraine gel cleanser I still have left.

WWYD. All advice gratefully accepted.

Glitteryred Tue 06-Oct-15 21:37:24

To hand I have clearasil pads, various oils, effeclar duo and other bits and pieces but not even wanting to use those at the moment. But I'm worried if I don't use anything then that in itself is also going to cause problems confused

my skin is sort of combination with what I think is mild rosacea, which was under control till now sad

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