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Where is the best place to get measured for a bra?

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Indulgingmum Mon 05-Oct-15 22:08:26

I so desperately want a bra I can wear all day. I need decent support but don't want wires stabbing me. Any suggestions welcome. I'm about a 38 f so need big bust bras.

Bravissimo are the best bet, and if the bra fits the wires won't stab you - stabby wires is a sure sign they are either the wrong size or shape or both.

Athrawes Mon 05-Oct-15 23:01:46

Bravissimo. Having despaired of finding bras to fit my 34C boobs, convinced that I was just misshapen and odd, it turns out I am a 32F. Thanks Bravissimo, no thanks Debenhams, M&S.

louise2011 Mon 05-Oct-15 23:51:46

Can you go there if you have small boobs? I am 32D I think but need refitted.

MuttonDressedAsGoose Tue 06-Oct-15 07:08:44

Do the bra intervention measurement first to be sure of your size. I'm on my phone and linking is too hard, but search for it on here.

SWFARMER Tue 06-Oct-15 07:13:03

Boux avenue

pdxs Tue 06-Oct-15 09:36:43

Bravissimo, but also Debenhams or Hof. - Bravissimo have more brands though

PurpleDaisies Tue 06-Oct-15 09:37:55

Another vote for bravissimo here.

Dowser Tue 06-Oct-15 10:10:06

I was disappointed with bravissimo in Milton Keynes. I tried loads on . I'm a 38dd. We tried a 36 e or f . That was too tight. So I ended up in the size I was wearing.

Tried it back on the next day and felt I could hardly breathe in it so took it back. Plus I had underarm boob which I kept pointing out to Assisstant. I'd bought a few off the peg to go under my wedding dress and wore one of those which was comfortable and no under arm boob.

She just kept saying it wasn't the bra's fault.

I'd really looked forward to getting a well fitting bra too and I feel I did better on my own.

Liomsa Tue 06-Oct-15 10:13:34

Rigby and Peller if you're near a branch and don't mind shelling out for expensive bras.

ArcheryAnnie Tue 06-Oct-15 10:15:54

Rigby and Peller. Eyewateringly expensive, but worth it - two decent, well-fitting bras, always washed carefully to last a long time, is better than half a dozen cheaper ones which don't fit well. The fitters are genuises.

(I'm a scruff on the outside. My Rigby and Peller bras are the most expensive things in my wardrobe!)

IAmABeachWave Tue 06-Oct-15 10:19:44

Bravissimo, always thought I was wearing the right size (M&S) measured but it was a revelation!

Liomsa Tue 06-Oct-15 10:21:55

Snap, Annie. grin Those who see me running around in muddy jeans and darned cardigans would be very surprised at the splendour of my underpinnings...

DesertorDessert Tue 06-Oct-15 10:25:12

Your bedroom, with one of Sorel's guidance messages, then out to bravissimo.

bec232 Tue 06-Oct-15 10:26:04

Post on a bra intervention thread here (sorry can't link am on phone and no idea how the thing works!)
That's what I did so when I went to bravissimo I had a idea of what size I was. They measured and then helped me see which fit was best.
I was measured as a 34 c in m and s and wondered why bras fit so badly. I'm in fact a 30FF.

hookedonamoonagedaydreem Tue 06-Oct-15 11:44:43

I wandered into a independent lingerie boutique that had brands that I had never heard of before (Prima Donna, Empreinte and similar) and came out with a Prima Donna bra, for the first time ever I can run after the DC's without having to hang onto my boobs (I am a good F cup), also gone are the marks that you get when you take your bar off at the end of the day. Amazing, they are expensive but I just buy less bras.

pdxs Tue 06-Oct-15 12:01:14

Bravissimo ladies are I think trained to git you with a tight band... you should be on loosest of 3 hooks and snug as bras stretch a lot
I like the place. .. bought about 10 bras over years, issues with one only, returned with no fuss

Branleuse Tue 06-Oct-15 14:31:39

are you sure youre a 38. What dress size are you

dementedpixie Tue 06-Oct-15 14:36:03

FinallyHere Tue 06-Oct-15 16:37:05

Another vote for Rigby and Peller here.

I read an article many years ago, by June Kenton, advising anyone who was considering a breast reduction to first visit her shop for a fitting. The results were to be amazing. I was exactly at the point of considering a reduction, and so trolled along to R&P.

I was wearing one if those duvet jackets and dreading the point when the whisk out a tape measure and much sucking of teeth ensues. Even inside that jacket, the assistant was able to guess my size pretty accurately and brought me a heap to choose from. Having tried loads, I ended up buying the first one she suggested and have been going back ever since. I have been known to be fitted, buy one bra there and then buy a few more in the same size from ahem another well known but discount online bra service. Anytime i feel that my size has changed, i always go back for that initial fitting.

Lovely, lovely shop. Enjoy.

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