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DH wants aftershave like creosote

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candykane25 Mon 05-Oct-15 21:04:57

DH says his favourite smells are creosote, tar, and diesel.
He has tasked me to buy him a new aftershave for Christmas.
Fragantica just gives me a confused shrug when I ask it.
Any ideas please?

violetwellies Mon 05-Oct-15 21:07:08

It would work for me, I love the smell of creosote.
But actually getting some creosote aftershave, confused wouldn't know where to start.

Greengardenpixie Mon 05-Oct-15 21:38:23

Oooh i love it too mmm....
I passed it when i was on the school run. I really love the smell of creosote! Not sure about what aftershave you could get! Sorry!

Sodder Mon 05-Oct-15 21:39:12

Well, creosote smells like coal tar soap, so my rather eccentric advice is to buy a bar, have a good sniff and try to find something similar.

Re diesel - go for petrol, methyl pamplemouse (off Fragrantica. petrol does have a slightly sweet aroma), tobacco, sandalwood, leather, tea, aniseed possibly, vetiver, benzoin, ambergris, myrrh. Also look under NATURAL AND SYNTHETIC, POPULAR AND WEIRD in the 'Notes' section of Fragrantica. Some good ones in there.

Hope this narrows it down a bit. I think he wants a medicinal smelling aftershave like coal tar soap with a new other bits in. Coal tar soap in the UK has tea tree oil in it so that might something else to search for.

Karcheer Mon 05-Oct-15 21:43:19

Probably no help, but tom ford Tuscan leather smells like men who chop wood ;)

Sodder Mon 05-Oct-15 21:43:28

So I clicked on asphalt on the Fragrantica site and it brought up these:

If you keep going through the ingredients and making notes of the aftershaves which come up then eventually the same ones will keep showing because certain smells go together. Then you can narrow it all down and hopefully find one to suit.

I'd love to do this for Mr Sodder but he can't wear aftershave sadly.

candykane25 Mon 05-Oct-15 21:51:19

Sodder thank you so much! Great advice!
I love leather, smoky, oaky scents myself so it will be fun looking for something.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 05-Oct-15 21:57:21

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather is the best smell in the world, ever. Unfortunately it is eye-wateringly expensive.

If dp wore it, I would not be responsible for my actions! grin

FrustratedFrugal Tue 06-Oct-15 04:38:46

Lonestar Memories from Tauer Perfumes (available at Les Senteurs) is the ultimate tar/ creosote perfume. I'd love to have him around...

FrustratedFrugal Tue 06-Oct-15 04:47:44

Comme des Garcons Tar is another great option, I'd get him a 10ml sample from here. A little goes a long way.

ForSaleChesterDraws Tue 06-Oct-15 05:33:59

Has he tried Black by Bulgari?

nooka Tue 06-Oct-15 05:42:58

My dh uses coal tar shampoo every now and then for his psoriasis. It really does smell of creosote, I don't think it is a fantastic smell personally, but it makes his hair/skin very soft and is I bet a lot cheaper than fancy perfume!

TweenageAngst Tue 06-Oct-15 06:06:36

Yes to lonestar memories by Tauer, I cant wear it but I love sniffing it.

LillianGish Tue 06-Oct-15 06:12:08

Penhaligan Blenheim Bouquet - expensive, but gorgeous. Definitely a bit creosote-y.

cressetmama Tue 06-Oct-15 09:05:59

Would agree with PPs who have suggested Lonestar Memories, and add the original Comme des Garcons which is very distinctive.

cressetmama Tue 06-Oct-15 09:06:34

And rather less ££!

Sparkletastic Tue 06-Oct-15 09:08:39

Another vote for Bvlgari Black - burnt rubber / leather / tar.

cressetmama Tue 06-Oct-15 09:10:35

Further to my previous, I would agree with the suggestion of Serpentine (I have a full bottle and love it) and also add Dzing! by l'Artisan Parfumeur, which has a lovely rubbery note, and also suggest Maison Martin Margiela Untitled. I am starting to question my gender reading my posts!

gatewalker Tue 06-Oct-15 09:14:46

Petitgrain is the closest smell I can think of.

MissBattleaxe Tue 06-Oct-15 09:16:14

YY to Andy Tauer Lonestar Memories. It definitely has a tang of creosote and is utterly gorgeous. Whilst it may look expensive, Tauer longevity is incredible at around 14 hours. And Andy Tauer is a jolly nice chap too!

candykane25 Tue 06-Oct-15 16:16:04

You are all fabulous. The coal tar shampoo can be a stocking filler too - he normally just uses whatever body wash is in the shower!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 06-Oct-15 18:33:38

Are any of these available from the high street, or are they all really niche?

MissBattleaxe Tue 06-Oct-15 18:35:20

Lonestar Memories is niche but you can get samples and discovery boxes online before investing in a full bottle.

OP- Benzoin is a little like creosote and that's used a bit more widely- try a search on Fragrantica.

FrustratedFrugal Tue 06-Oct-15 19:23:26

Lonestar here. You can start with an inexpensive sample too.

Perfumistas, we should have a reunion!

FrustratedFrugal Tue 06-Oct-15 19:24:50

Oh and for an arson-grade smokey hit, Bois d'Ascese from Naomi Goodsir <runs>

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