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Opinions on these boots please

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macnab Mon 05-Oct-15 15:45:19

I think I like these Clarks boots

Would it be ok to wear them with skinny jeans tucked in?

Or are these nicer?

Madbengalmum Mon 05-Oct-15 15:47:50

I think the new look ones would look better with skinnies, dont care for the first ones sorry. Look abit mum boot to me

HolgerDanske Mon 05-Oct-15 15:49:53

First pair are much more practical for winter, as suede doesn't do that well in rain/sleet/snow/storms. Clarks are also likely to be far better quality.

Yes I think you could wear those with skinny jeans tucked in, but you could also cuff them just above top of boot.

HolgerDanske Mon 05-Oct-15 15:51:26

I kind of agree with above poster on style, though. If we're talking style alone I would probably go for b).

macnab Mon 05-Oct-15 15:57:35

yes, the suede does put me off a bit. I'm 41 but still prefer style over substance though!

Any recommendations for something like the second pair but in leather as opposed to suede?

burnishedsilver Mon 05-Oct-15 16:05:24

I really dont like the way the tow curls up on the first pair. I prefer the look of the second pair but I wouldnt expect much from new look in the way of comfort.

pictish Mon 05-Oct-15 16:07:26

I wearing the first pair now. I've had a good few compliments about them and they are sooooo comfy.

HolgerDanske Mon 05-Oct-15 16:10:27

I think the first pair are nice enough that you can un-mum boot them. If you like the look of them I'd say go for it. They'll last well and be comfortable plus they're practical.

Theoldcauliflower Mon 05-Oct-15 16:21:14

New look ones are much nicer

burnishedsilver Mon 05-Oct-15 17:03:40

Toe, not tow!

pictish Mon 05-Oct-15 17:06:38

I think the second pair are bland and will end up grubby in no time.

bigTillyMint Mon 05-Oct-15 17:11:56

Much prefer the second pair, but I doubt they will be as comfy or last as long as the Clarkes ones <old gimmer>

WingMirrorSpider Mon 05-Oct-15 17:24:54

I got these a few weeks ago which are similar to the new look pair but leather. Lovely and comfy and look good with skinnies

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