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Do you like these trews? Warning - animal print alert

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BrendaandEddie Sun 04-Oct-15 13:25:10

So dont comment if you don't like animal print or make me go to a post office grin

With loose black top and black footwear and maybe a coat like in the pic?


ggirl Sun 04-Oct-15 13:27:48

hmm are they legging jersey material..? if so

if they are proper trousers material then they're nice , I take it you have fab legs

BrendaandEddie Sun 04-Oct-15 13:28:32

they are polyester with lycra, so a good point. I imagined them to be fabric but a bit slimey

EmilyPunkhurst Sun 04-Oct-15 13:28:45

I do like animal print but I'm honestly not sure how hard those are going to work for you. I'm not sure I'd be buying something where you have to have a specific "outfit" in mind to make them work.

That's just my opinion though - I'm always of the mind that if you love them you should buy them.

ggirl Sun 04-Oct-15 13:30:42

they are a tad Tina Turner

I like this look. Trews are longer and less skin-clinging.

BrendaandEddie Sun 04-Oct-15 13:31:19

Emily - i am thinking of le soir, me smouldering in 70% polyester across a crowded bar at George Clooney my Husband

BrendaandEddie Sun 04-Oct-15 13:33:29

thats the least helpful internet post in the world - (hers not yours) shock
'I have these trousers', well bully for frickin her.
UNLESS i size up in them from zara. Would no way be day wear in these ere parts, someone would get a lighted torch and tell the Mayor

BrendaandEddie Sun 04-Oct-15 13:34:42

ooh Hello - across the Kalahari, the sound of zebra, calling

Zeb ones are cotton, at least. I had some in 1987 that I wore with a huge baggy jumper (stolen from then boyfriend) and DMs.

I don't like them so cropped.

EmilyPunkhurst Sun 04-Oct-15 13:38:18

I'm not sure about the zebra... I think it's because I can't shake that idea that I want to be remembered for an overall look, not an individual item of clothing. Those trews are kind of....memorable.

BrendaandEddie Sun 04-Oct-15 13:38:19

i had a t shirt on with a hammer and sickle on



BrendaandEddie Sun 04-Oct-15 13:39:38

i quite like this too - dont click Reemers its poly, but its so see through at the back

EmilyPunkhurst Sun 04-Oct-15 13:40:50

I like the shape and drape but.....bra??

ggirl Sun 04-Oct-15 13:40:53

my daughter wore zebra print trews...when she was about 7yrs old...she'll be delighted theyre making a comeback

BrendaandEddie Sun 04-Oct-15 13:42:36

oh BRA

unless i wore a plain vest under it - cami one

oh its already too complicated, isn't it?

Not convinced. I think that sheer black at 'our age' can be a bit 'Lady at Bingo' if not careful. And, frankly, I'd rather dress like a teenage Emo than go down that route.

BrendaandEddie Sun 04-Oct-15 14:08:35

you might well be right
The wedding the other day made me realise NO to lace, NO to that stuff, oh phase eight love it, hold on TAPEWORK

BrendaandEddie Sun 04-Oct-15 14:08:56

That is vile.

BrendaandEddie Sun 04-Oct-15 14:14:42

that tapey wiggly stuff on it

EVERYWHERE at weddings

Judydreamsofhorses Sun 04-Oct-15 14:21:54

I like them. I got a fab leopard print a-line skirt from Oasis which I've worn with a plain black jumper and black opaques/boots. Love a bit of animal print.

Like everyone is crawling with maggots.

Twinklestein Sun 04-Oct-15 14:32:43

I'm seeing Kenny Everett as Rod Stewart FFW to 1.18

And Bev Callard...

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