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can you help me find...

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ilovetosleep Fri 02-Oct-15 14:14:01

Two things actually

1) I saw a mum at pick up wearning what I can only describe as jogger dungarees. They were sweat pant material, cuffed, slightly baggy, but with a dungaree type top. I only saw them from behind, they were mid grey marl and looked super comfy even if they were a bit giant toddlerish (she obviously looked super cool)

2) dark grey cashmere joggers, cuffed, no more than £120 ish. Topshop have some but they are a bit slim, I want them to be out and about trousers not like lounge pants, so not too baggy.

Can anyone give me some pointers? i have googled but not a lot of luck.


Sodder Fri 02-Oct-15 14:17:22

Google 'jersey dungarees'.

FauxFox Fri 02-Oct-15 14:43:53

grey jersey dungarees

pale grey £79
grey £165
M&S had some that looked like what you want but out-of-stock so you will have to stalk them on ebay size 14 on ebay £50

Sodder Fri 02-Oct-15 14:48:29

Too pale?

Sodder Fri 02-Oct-15 14:49:49

ilovetosleep Fri 02-Oct-15 15:50:00

Thanks everyone...
Not keen on the neoprene Asia joggers, don't think they would be too comfy, and I think the others are too pale. I have a feeling urban outfitters had some a couple of seasons ago which are exactly what I'm looking for, will have to keep checking back eBay I guess.

As for the joggers, unfortunately the pure ones are only in a large (am 8-10), might try the next ones although not a lot of cashmere in them. M&s ones are perfect though, again will have to keep checking eBay! Warehouse had the perfect pair last year but not seen them again yet this year...

ilovetosleep Fri 02-Oct-15 20:24:00

I think this is what I mean!

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