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Sanex shower gel for eczema

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pussinboots61 Wed 30-Sep-15 19:16:57

I've got some of this to use, the zero per cent one, as a change from emolients. It is nice, a mild lather and leaves my bath clean and not slippery but I've notice there is SLS in it so is it really ok for eczema, does anyone here use it.

chipsandpeas Wed 30-Sep-15 19:28:53

not for eczema but i went thru a stage of getting bad skin rashes and sanex bath was the only stuff that worked for me (still never got to the bottom of what caused it years later i suspect tho it was radox bath stuff tho)

jellyjiggles Wed 30-Sep-15 19:31:04

I have done but it didn't help my skin. The only shower gel/soap that's ok is Aveeno body wash. SLS irritates the life out of me.

Notoedike Wed 30-Sep-15 20:19:38

I use SLS free shampoo to wash in and after years of torture my skin is finally clear. I can get away with SLS occasionally.

Wolpertinger Wed 30-Sep-15 20:44:51

Set off my eczema. Pisses me off that they market it as skin-friendly and haven't bothered to take the SLS out of it.

pdxs Wed 30-Sep-15 21:40:28

Second the recco for aveeno body wash

Wolpertinger Wed 30-Sep-15 21:57:56

Thirded. Think it might have SLS on the ingredients but in tiny quantities. I've never had any problems with it and don't even use emollients anymore.

pussinboots61 Wed 30-Sep-15 22:31:26

Aveeno body wash does have SLS in it and perfume. I tried it once and couldn't stand the smell, though the cream is ok. A friend of mine has been prescribed Aveeno cream by her doctor and has been advised to wash with it too. As another issue, what do you wash your hands with when you have eczema as most hand washes have SLS in.

Notoedike Wed 30-Sep-15 22:50:33

I use Senspa hand soap available from Waitrose - every now and then it's on special offer and I buy in bulk.

HopefulAnxiety Thu 01-Oct-15 00:11:36

Palmers shower gel - personally I'm not keen on the scent of the shea one, but none contain sulfates or parabens and all are very moisturising. If you have an afro beauty shop nearby, they will sell it, otherwise try online (FeelUnique has it).

That's the most moisturising SLS-free shower gel range I know of, worth trying Organic Surge and Jason too. Dr Organic (Holland & Barrett) is SLS-free but IMO goes overboard on the essential oils so can be irritating. I picked up a Naked starflower shower gel in the 99p Store recently, they had a bunch of Naked stuff so worth having a look?

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