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Find me some grey trainers (please!)

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CointreauVersial Wed 30-Sep-15 13:41:05

I'm a recent convert to trainer-wearing (as casual footwear, as opposed to taking part in sporting activity). I have fairly wide feet and bunions so find that most shoes/boots make my feet very sore after a few hours.

I recently bought a pair of <gasp, horror> Sketchers; plain black trainer style with white soles and laces, which I adore and could wear forever, but the black colour means they don't look so good if I'm wearing softer colours/blue/grey.

So, I decided I'd like something in grey. White feels too "bling, look-at-me" for my big feet. I don't want to spend a fortune. No Converse (too narrow) or Superga (I have a pair, but only averagely comfortable for me).

Any recommendations?

BerniceBobsHerHairAgain Wed 30-Sep-15 14:04:31

Not sure if any of these will float your boat but:

Adidas gazelle

stan smith

flannel ones

WhyDontYouProveIt Wed 30-Sep-15 14:35:54

Sketchers do a pair of memory foam trainers in grey. I tried them on in treds last week. They do have a pattern on them (floral iirc) but that is grey too. Very comfy they were too

stripytees Wed 30-Sep-15 21:37:07

I have these and they are lovely.

Ecco CS14

brumblebee Wed 30-Sep-15 21:52:13

I just bought Nike juvenate in grey. Light as air and very comfortable for walking. I highly recommend.

CointreauVersial Thu 01-Oct-15 00:18:11

Phew, sorry, busy day!

Thanks for the ideas. The Gazelles are really nice, and also the slip ons from ASOS, but the Ecco shoes are way too £££. The grey Stan Smiths... hmm, no.

Not sure about the Nike Juvenate - I think I need to see them.

LittleG69 Thu 01-Oct-15 07:53:41

What size are you? I've just bought some grey New Balance from their children's section for about £22 (I'm a 6)

Pupsiecola Thu 01-Oct-15 09:27:54

New Balance do some lovely grey trainers. I've just bought some green ones

CointreauVersial Thu 01-Oct-15 13:04:29

Funnily enough, a girl walked past me today while I was getting out of the car, wearing grey New Balance. They did look nice, although perversely I'm put off them slightly because they're so "on trend". Same goes for Stan Smiths (actually, I don't like them regardless).

I'm a 6.5 or 7, so expect I'm beyond children's sizes.

Do NB come up big or small, do you know?

CheersMedea Thu 01-Oct-15 13:05:35

There are some nice Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 trainers in grey. Search on Amazon for different grey + another colour colourways.

TrickyTreeLou Thu 01-Oct-15 14:49:48

I have picked up some nice grey trainers from sports direct this morning - Adidas duramo 5 they're called, really comfy and got just a bit of neon pink on them too. They cost £36.

Pupsiecola Fri 02-Oct-15 08:33:42

My NB are pretty true to size I would say. They are so so comfortable and the rounded toe makes them very flattering for larger feet (mine are a size 10).

CointreauVersial Sat 03-Oct-15 19:55:18

Thanks for mentioning Sports Direct - lightbulb!

Went looking for Adidas Gazelles - couldn't find any, but bought a gorgeous pair of grey and navy suede Adidas Derby trainers - they were men's actually, but Size 7 fitted perfectly. Just what I was after - thanks all!

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