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Dress suggestions for a fat frump to wear to a November wedding please

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songbird Wed 30-Sep-15 13:16:01

I ain't sugar coating it, I'm a fat frump grin. I'm going to a (not particularly posh, I don't think) wedding in early November and all my 'wedding' dresses are summer ones. I'm a size 18/20 with an hourglass lurking somewhere in there. I have awful legs but will expose them if the dress is distracting enough and I can wear black/dark tights. Dress needs to be below the knee.

I have spotted this Lindy Bop dress which I would probably wear with one of their navy bolero type cardies, navy tights and shoes and a dinky little navy hat with a little veil I've got. The cost of this dress is extreeeeeemely attractive to me as I need to buy the shoes and cardy. I don't really do high heels so a lowish wedge would be ideal. Ugh I've just been searching for shoes and can't find anything!

I don't like not being able to see the dress on a model, but it looks like it would be long enough. Love the idea of a big boufy petticoat but that would pull the length up a bit wouldn't it?


songbird Wed 30-Sep-15 13:19:38

Ooh just found these shoes.


BigRedBall Wed 30-Sep-15 13:22:29

I think it's lovely. Frumps wouldn't wear nice dresses! I'm sure you'll look great in it. I was going to suggest heels to make your legs a bit longer. I'd go for a cardi with 3/4 sleeves.

songbird Wed 30-Sep-15 13:26:54

Ah yes I definitely look better in 3/4 sleeves, good point! Thank you, I think I'll order it and see what it wears like.

Dowser Wed 30-Sep-15 13:46:09

Love the dress. Not too sure about the shoes. You can still get pretty ones with low heels.

WhyDontYouProveIt Wed 30-Sep-15 14:05:01

I like the shape of the dress but not the pattern. I like the shoes but think they may be a bit clunky for the dress. I think I would look for something without a pattern, in a beautiful dark jewel colour, like a maroon?

songbird Wed 30-Sep-15 14:11:10

Thanks!! I quite like this but tis much more glam.

songbird Wed 30-Sep-15 14:13:16

And this is nice.

Quite honestly, I love most of those 40s/50s dresses on Lindy Bop, I think they'd suit my shape.

NorksAreMessy Wed 30-Sep-15 14:15:23

I wear Lindy Bop dresses every time I have to dress up.
I have NORKS (see NN) and am not in the least petite.
Petticoat underneath makes me feel all swishy
Irregular Choice shoes make me feel funky
Little cropped cardy over the top to hide my un-toned arms

Have a lovely time

songbird Wed 30-Sep-15 14:20:19

Ooh thanks norks, I get the appeal of Irregular Choice shoes but they're not very me. I used to be funky [sob] but not sure I could get away with it now. Plus they generally have mahoosive heels!

Do you know which of the LB dresses are a bit longer? Some of them when they show a model wearing them are above the knee (although at 5'6" I may well be shorter than the average model)

hellsbellsmelons Wed 30-Sep-15 14:22:11

I love the 2nd one but it's a bit bridesmaid-eee for a wedding maybe???
too expensive?
Goes with your nave them here
Quite low neutral shoes
Cute navy shoes
Navy and quite low shoes here

hellsbellsmelons Wed 30-Sep-15 14:22:28

nave??? NAVY!!!!

WhyDontYouProveIt Wed 30-Sep-15 14:23:09

I love that damson one. So sophisticated and a gorgeous colour.

Notsoaccidentproneanymore Wed 30-Sep-15 14:24:23

Looks lovely, but it's polyester. Think you would be better with cotton Lycra mix.

songbird Wed 30-Sep-15 14:39:53

Good point notso, the others I linked to seem to be stretch cotton.

Yes, I love the damson one too. Mmn food for thought.

hells - thank you! I hadn't thought of ASOS curve. Not toooo keen on the first dress you linked to - a bit 'sexy nighty' for me wink

SkaterGrrrrl Wed 30-Sep-15 14:40:51

Please don't call yourself a fat frump. flowers

songbird Wed 30-Sep-15 14:41:53

The 'Lana' dress comes in other colours and patterns, not just damson. I love the green but am I brave enough?

songbird Wed 30-Sep-15 14:42:47

Day to day I am a bit skater, but I admit I do scrub up well grin

hellsbellsmelons Wed 30-Sep-15 14:44:13

Yes of course you are!
It's how you wear it and your confidence that matters here.
Head high, shoulders back and smile - and you can carry off anything!
Green and navy go lovely together.

songbird Wed 30-Sep-15 14:53:11

Green and navy do go well together, you're quite right!

Ah, would dark tights look OK with the green dress, do you think?

Thanks blush wink

AlbusPercival Wed 30-Sep-15 14:54:10

What about this one? also in teal, emerald and raspberry

[[ Or this??]]

songbird Wed 30-Sep-15 15:00:09

Ooh they're lovely AlbusPercival(WulfricBrian?), never seen that website before, thank you!

AlbusPercival Wed 30-Sep-15 15:50:07

no worries, i am addicted to lady V, I have 7 of their dresses now blush

but they look so good for lots of occaisions!

MairyHoles Wed 30-Sep-15 15:58:14

I saw the title and came on to suggest Lindybop! Love all their dresses and they fit well. I usually wear them with these shoes which are very comfy and I can walk for miles in them. Have to admit I find wedges a bit frumpy, these are as comfy as wedges I promise!


hellsbellsmelons Wed 30-Sep-15 16:02:00

I think you would need to try it with dark tights.
I would say, no, flesh coloured would be better.

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