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need a joy inducing yet practical medium bag

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Blueturquoise Tue 29-Sep-15 07:20:13

I need a new bagsmileAnd some help choosing ! About to be a sahm for a year. So want a small/ medium - maybe cross body, but open to suggestions, bag- will have separate tote for kids stuff and have enough larger bags to manage if I need.

Budget is not unlimited, ideally under 300 but could push for more for the right one.
Would like it big enough to hold phone wallet keys maybe small make up bag, ideally not a chain strap / handle.
Nothing inspiring coming up on various searches. I love the MBMJ Natasha but it s a bit small, love saddle bags/ 70 s vibe That s in season atm

ThomasRichard Tue 29-Sep-15 07:32:00

Marc Jacobs tote.

Lancel coral

or black

or taupe

Something a bit different

Blueturquoise Tue 29-Sep-15 08:12:27

Thanks for the suggestions.
Coral and taupe are too bright for me.
Black/ grey/ brown/ tan better for my wardrobe I think.
Not keen on the MJ tote- looks a bit big.
Love a slouchy rock chick vibe.
Love MBMJ Natasha bag but it s probably a bit small.

cressetmama Tue 29-Sep-15 08:48:35
A disclaimer here, I haven't actually seen these in the flesh but doing my bit for the local economy!

Blueturquoise Tue 29-Sep-15 09:19:48

Ohh cresset am liking this in ostrich leather smile
Anyone know the brand ?

Blueturquoise Tue 29-Sep-15 11:33:07

Just had a wander round the shops still uninspired. Think I m gonna eBay a few I have already and see if I can increase the budget.

cressetmama Tue 29-Sep-15 11:52:19

I found it via Etsy, I think, or a recommendation on here. Like the one you've linked, but when I have a spare day I thought I might go and look in person (high risk, I know)!

cressetmama Tue 29-Sep-15 11:55:16

And well within budget! [enabling]

Pixi2 Tue 29-Sep-15 11:56:00

I'm a SAHM. Big hint - make sure you can fit a pack of baby wipes in. They've saved my clothes from chocolate fingers, mushed bananas, melting ice creams and hell of a lot of mud. They're for fingers, faces, arms, legs, boots & shoes, the car interior....

dynevoran Tue 29-Sep-15 12:05:53

I love mbmj and particularly the Natasha. There is a very similar one by fossil which is available in a small and medium. The medium is bigger than the mbmj Natasha. There is a lovely navy and tan one. Plus its under £200.

dynevoran Tue 29-Sep-15 12:07:19

dynevoran Tue 29-Sep-15 12:14:08

Just checked the size and its actually no bigger than the Natasha. But there is a bigger one with two handles as well as cross body strap which might suit.

Coastingit Tue 29-Sep-15 12:28:49

Go and try a Natasha - they're bigger than they look. Not the mini version. Great bag.

dynevoran Tue 29-Sep-15 12:33:47

Bigger one...

Blueturquoise Tue 29-Sep-15 21:42:15

Hmm, yes love the Natasha but don't think it will hold all I need. There was a lovely ivory one instore today. Maybe it could work??!!!
Saw a campomaggi one o line too that I really really loved -
Need to think, will see if it can find links for opinions.
(Have a nice tote for the kids stuff/ change bag)

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