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BLACK SKINNY JEANS - Recommendations?

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thirtysomethingmum15 Mon 28-Sep-15 11:49:52

Need some black skinny jeans, I tall and struggle to find trousers long enough. Which brands are good? ie dont stretch etc Thanks Ladies

cashmerecardigans Mon 28-Sep-15 20:23:20

Depending on your budget- New Look are good and I've seen a lot of people on here say the Next high waisted skinnies are good too. They both do longer lengths. TK Maxx might be worth a look too as they often have Diesel skinnies, think they are called Grupee. Primary are surprisingly good too and Topshop still have a lot of skinny jeans in, although I bought a coated pair from there last year that have gone a bit saggy.
Happy hunting

cashmerecardigans Mon 28-Sep-15 20:23:55

Obviously that should have read Primark!

ozzia Mon 28-Sep-15 20:24:40

Marks and spencer skinny jeans are awesome

Joneseygirl77 Mon 28-Sep-15 20:38:59

My favourites are Gap or a fab brand called Dr Denim. Neither are overly expensive and they wash well.

stuckinahole Mon 28-Sep-15 21:03:55

Expensive by J Brand star

Twinklestein Mon 28-Sep-15 21:11:31

J Brand by far.

BearFoxBear Mon 28-Sep-15 21:12:11

Asos Radley are brilliant. I bought a few pairs in different colours just over a year ago and they are still going strong.

MsBojangles Mon 28-Sep-15 21:20:15

Agree about Asos Ridleys - cheaps as chips and wear well, River Island is worth a look too.

LittleMysMoominMamma Mon 28-Sep-15 21:27:17

Sorry for the hijack, but what's the sizing like on the ASOS Ridleys? I'm usually a 28" in higher end jeans, but seriously tempted to try these!

fiorentina Mon 28-Sep-15 21:28:49

There were lots of JBrand skinnies in TKMaxx when I was in end of last week, they are always recommended on these treads.

MsBojangles Mon 28-Sep-15 21:35:55

Depends which colour you get, LittleMys, I had to size up in the blacks, size down in greys. The blues are probably truest to size.

PennyPants Tue 29-Sep-15 08:32:29

New Look super skinnies. Has to be the super skinnies, not the normal skinnies as they go baggy on me after one day.

MarjorySunshineDust Tue 29-Sep-15 18:28:41

M&S sculpt and lift. Love them!

I recently bought these and am v pleased with them so far. Lovely thick fabric and hold their shape well. I've only washed them a couple of times so far though, so don't know yet how they'll fare fade-wise.

FrustratedFrugal Tue 29-Sep-15 18:53:34

JBrand and MiH. Bought on sale, they last for years.

ouryve Tue 29-Sep-15 18:56:36

The M&S style and sculpt ones are good - keep their shape well.

iamaboveandBeyond Tue 29-Sep-15 18:57:10

Another vote for new look smile (and i'm 5'10" so struggle with length too)

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