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Cheaper cleanser, toner, moisturiser suggestions

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Giraffe5 Mon 28-Sep-15 06:47:58

I've been using dermalogica for years. I'm happy with it but with a new baby and a toddler, I can't justify the expense.

I'd like a moisturiser with spf in and haven't been using a serum but happy to look into this.

My skin is combination. I have blackheads unless I clean properly and I can get a dry nose no chin.

Can someone direct me to actual products which are cheaper and ideal for cleansing, toning, moisturising?

verenti Mon 28-Sep-15 07:03:51

The Boots Botanics range is good.

Cerseirys Mon 28-Sep-15 13:45:29

I was using a pricey Skinceuticals cleanser for a few years but can't really afford it anymore so have been nicking DP's Simple cleanser. And guess what? Doesn't make a jot of difference! My skin is no better than it used to be when I used Skinceuticals but it is no worse either. And I'm a firm believer that you're better off spending money on products that stay on your skin, like moisturiser or serum, that ones you rinse off.

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Mon 28-Sep-15 14:12:24

Spend your money on serum and treatments (masks/peels) Everything else can be cheap as chips.

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Mon 28-Sep-15 14:13:29

Oh, and you need an spf aside from moisteriser. No moisteriser +spf will be as good.

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Mon 28-Sep-15 14:13:49


Cerseirys Mon 28-Sep-15 14:28:35

It depends how you apply it. Any product with sunscreen should be applied in a thin layer over the skin and then left to sink in for 15-20 minutes before you go out into the sun. It shouldn't be rubbed in.

IDontWannaBrag Mon 28-Sep-15 14:36:34

I use the Superdrug Vit E hot cloth cleanser, which is fantastic for my sensitive combination skin and as cheap as chips. But if you want a wipe off cleanser, I really rate Simple.

No idea about toner, as I dont use it.

I moisturise with facial oil (Trilogoy, so not especially cheap) and a serum (Aldi Lacura - fantastic stuff, although it smells pretty horrid grin) at night.

In the morning, I just use a sunscreen, which I think is worth investing in - not necessarily for a high end brand, but for one with proper UVA and UVB protection and that works with your skin type. I've tried loads, but my favourite is Biore Watery Essence sunscreen SPF50, which is very light and non-chalky.

Giraffe5 Mon 28-Sep-15 14:55:37

I have the biore sunscreen. It's all in Japanese. Does it have uva and uvb? I wear it under make up so don't reapply

Cerseirys Mon 28-Sep-15 14:58:54

Sunscreen breaks down on exposure to the sun, so if you're going to be outside all day then you need to reapply regularly. However, if you spend all day indoors and are only exposed to the sun's rays on your way in to work or on your lunchbreak then one application should be enough.

SquadGoals Mon 28-Sep-15 15:12:29

How cheap is cheap?

REN is decent value, as is the Superdrug range and Una Brennan at Boots.

Nip + Fab have a great glycolic range.

Can often get all of them on offer or discount codes at Beauty Expert for REN and Boots for the rest.

My favourite moisturiser currently is a Nivea Day one which is about £3.

ExConstance Mon 28-Sep-15 16:17:47

Simple - really good quality and for sale in supermarkets.

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