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Slouchy long sleeve tees- where are they please?

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Thelovecats Sun 27-Sep-15 20:09:44

Slightly slouchy fit (need to lift up for BF), reasonable weight, scoop neck, long sleeves.
Has anyone seen ones that will fit the bill pretty please? Thanks ??

Twinklestein Sun 27-Sep-15 20:25:50

Uniqlo have some.

GrandHighWitch Sun 27-Sep-15 20:29:40

I just bought loads of fab linen ones from Gap - had the 40% discount, there must be another discount lurking somewhere.

Thelovecats Sun 27-Sep-15 20:34:51

GAP won't deliver here unfortunately. Wil have a look at uniqlo...

Whenwillwe3meetagain Sun 27-Sep-15 20:36:57

Saw some on Boden website and 25% off for next couple of days

SquadGoals Sun 27-Sep-15 20:38:34

American Eagle have just opened a UK website with loads of slouchy long sleeved tops on sale.

Between about 10-15 quid.

southeastastra Sun 27-Sep-15 20:54:48

\link{\these are seriously nice tops

southeastastra Sun 27-Sep-15 20:55:04


Thelovecats Mon 28-Sep-15 11:55:25

Thanks so much for these links smile

helenJLK Mon 28-Sep-15 14:30:04

I've got some gorgeous slouchy tees from Beaumont Organic. Mine are short sleeved but I just had a quick look on their website and there's plenty of long sleeved styles.

helenJLK Mon 28-Sep-15 14:31:28

Have a look here - Their organic cottons are super super soft and light, would be perfect for BF.

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