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Winter jacket/coat/anorak/whatever for your DDs ...

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Ponymagic Sun 27-Sep-15 16:43:53

Where does anyone shop for winter outerwear (for want of a better expression!) for their DDs? I usually end up with the Boden anoraks but the colours are meh this year. Thanks!

nancy75 Sun 27-Sep-15 17:03:47

DD has a padded Jacket from Joules, a proper thick coat from John Lewis and also a posh coat from John lewis (not as warm but smart). For School She has a lighter weight jacket from Lands end and also a thick coat from there for proper winter. She also has a really great slightly padded rain coat from a shop called trotters - she is outgrowing the current one and it's the biggest size which is annoying

Ponymagic Sun 27-Sep-15 17:07:39

Hadn't thought of John Lewis ... did glance at Joules the other day but will take another look. Thanks!

Greengardenpixie Sun 27-Sep-15 21:56:19

Next is where i buy usually.

JimmyGreavesMoustache Sun 27-Sep-15 22:00:45

gap - think there wwas more choice in store

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