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Bloody hairdressers

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tyaca Sun 27-Sep-15 14:19:14

I am really picky about hairdressers and go to one place in London. It's very good.

Today I took dd (7) to have her hair chopped at a local place. Quite a major deal - 3 inches off, from long to a bob. Usually get her hair trimmed at a local granny-style place, but decided to go to a chain in town (town being a local just-out-of-London place IYKWIM, to get a decent cut.

Wish I hadn't bothered. Place stank of smoke, was really miserable and the hairdressers were genuinely smirking at each other. They dry cut dd's hair, which is normally fine at a granny place, but even then I would expect to be asked, and is def not appropriate for a proper restyle to a bob. Hairdresser disinterested, cut it all one length, harsh and no graduation so looks longer at the back. I could have cut it the same myself! I really didn't want a bog standard hack in a line cut, it's really important to get bobs right.

At the end I tried to get the hairdresser to add some graduation at the back and pointed the shape out but she wasn't having any of it. Said dd's hair wasn't thick enough (it is) for it to make any difference. I would have pushed but dd was near tears at this point because of the shock of seeing herself so different (being ignored by a steely faced hairdresser for half an hour prob hadn't helped either.)

Dd looks lovely, especially from the front. I'm just annoyed by the whole thing and I am a bit gutted that I paid for a cut I could have done myself. I didn't want it to look like a hack job, I should have gone to the granny place - it would have been half the price and they would have been nice to dd.

This partic chain has two branches in my town and I booked the wrong one. I know the other branch a bit and it's much friendlier and more professional. I turned up there and was gutted when I found out my mistake.

Rant over. Dd looks ace, maybe a tad helmet-y, I had just forgotten about rubbish hairdressers. I am really tempted to take dd to my place in London, but am worried that will make me a bit of a twat grin.

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