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beauty post-35?!

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tryhard Sat 26-Sep-15 19:31:45

I feel like I'm starting to emerge from small child fog of self-neglect, I've lost 1.5 stone but now all my loaned are too big & with a toddler I'm still having some sleepless nights. I don't exercise act all. What can I do to care for myself and re-vamp myself a bit?

chanie44 Sat 26-Sep-15 20:20:39

if you search the threads on here, there are quite a lot about looking groomed. Stuff like drinking more water, skincare, hair cut and eyebrows.

The consensus is that maintenance takes time and effort. I try and have the occasional Saturday night spa night. So when the children are asleep I may use a face mask, paint toe nails etc whilst I spend some time with OH.

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