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Trousers for an apple shape...

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Chippednailvarnish Sat 26-Sep-15 15:53:12

I'm an apple shape, I have small hips and a large waist. I find it really hard to buy trousers that fit on the waist without leaving me with a baggy bum, legs and hips.

Where is the best place to buy trousers for an apple shape? Gap used to be good but their sizing seems to have changed...

burnishedsilver Sat 26-Sep-15 18:18:15

If you find something that is a bit tight on the tummy but fits everywhere else, perhaps consider having the waist altered

Bunbaker Sat 26-Sep-15 18:21:16

This might seem like a mad idea, but have you considered men's trousers?

I have the opposite problem being a pear shape and have found that M & S tend to cater more for apple shapes, especially for skirts.

Chippednailvarnish Sat 26-Sep-15 18:56:24

I've never really had a problem with skirts and I have worn mens jeans but I can't really see me finding mens trousers that I want to wear.
If it was just the waist being altered I'd do it, but I think it will workout very expensive to have trousers extensively altered.

treaclesoda Sat 26-Sep-15 18:59:05

I'm very interested in this as I am also an apple shape. Not particularly large, but definitely an apple shape. Trousers are always saggy on the bum, and flappy on the legs. And often too low in the waistband. I often find that they actually fall down blush which isn't ideal...

Toastedteacakewithbutter Sat 26-Sep-15 19:40:48

I am Apple shaped and also short and I have found that Wallis petite fit me, or m and s if they have a bit of stretch.

Chippednailvarnish Sat 26-Sep-15 21:15:11

I have some Wallis trousers that look OK to start with but by the end of the day the legs in particular look baggy.
And I also have the trousers falling down issue!

Lucked Sat 26-Sep-15 21:25:27

I am going to get myself banned from S&B for this but per una trousers. I have a couple of pairs of there Ponte trousers for work like these

The Ponte ones have quite a bit of stretch so you may have to size down but the other styles are true to M&s sizing.

IBurnedThePotatoesToday Sun 27-Sep-15 13:05:20

Gap/Banan Republic often good for apples

DelphiniumBlue Wed 30-Sep-15 23:04:23

Next sometimes come up trumps for apples.
However I just bought some lovely black patterned trousers from Monsoon, they are very slim, jeans style, quite stretchy, which meant that i could fit into a 14, am more like a 16-18 waist usually. They are a good fit around the hips and thigh, and didn't bag after the first wear.,mon_1.8/8460980112

Chippednailvarnish Sat 26-Dec-15 21:26:40

Thought I would update!

I went a bit mad in the Banana Republic sale on Iburned's recommendation and managed to find trousers that fit and skinny jeans. Woohoo! Banana Republic seem to fit me like Gap used to, which as they appear to be a part of the same group is a surprise...

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