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What's the difference between BB cream and CC cream?

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AlisonWunderland Fri 25-Sep-15 20:28:38

Are they both complete or what other products do you need to wear with each?

WhyDoesGastonBark Fri 25-Sep-15 20:32:37

CC cream is suppose to colour correct. For me (with roseacea) I find CC cream works well and BB is pointless.

AlisonWunderland Fri 25-Sep-15 23:07:35

I've just bought laroche posay cc cream for roseacea and wasn't sure if I should put moisturiser on first

Carpaccio Sat 26-Sep-15 00:59:31

Honestly, the Western BB/CC/DD/EE creams are generally really similar to tinted moisturisers in the sense that they are fairly light coverage and have a fairly high SPF (but you use much less of it than you would with a proper suncream so I'm not sure you get the same protection).

You wear it like you'd wear a tinted moisturiser or foundation. So you can moisturise first if you feel you need it.

VeganCow Sat 26-Sep-15 01:07:50

OP the cc cream you are talking about doesnt need a separate moisturiser as it has that skincare step included as well as sun protection and make up, justput it on over cleansed skin.

AlisonWunderland Sat 26-Sep-15 07:20:56

Thanks all. I'm really pleased with the product as I can't wear anything heavier than tinted moisturiser.
I'll try it with and without moisturiser underneath and see which I prefer

BumgrapesofWrath Sat 26-Sep-15 07:34:10

I always use moisturiser under BB/CC, but I do have dry skin

WhyDoesGastonBark Sat 26-Sep-15 08:51:12

I always moisturise first about 10 minutes before but its only because my rosacea can make my skin really dry and scratchy. It's MUCH better now since the doctor put me on Rozex but its a habit now I guess.

FrenchPlaits Sat 26-Sep-15 13:13:00

No idea what the technical differences are, but tinted moisturiser and BB creams don't really work on me - they just make my skin look the same but slightly pink or orange! - whereas CC cream does. Its like a light coverage, dewy foundation on my skin, which is a good look for me, as I'm whizzing towards 40 and most foundations are a bit cakey on my skin these days.

The Bourjois CC cream is great if you can find the right shade match for your skin (limited selection, unfortunately).

FrenchPlaits Sat 26-Sep-15 13:13:50

I don't moisturise beforehand, but apply factor 50 sunscreen about 15 mins before I apply CC cream.

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