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High street/budget serum for 40+

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Indulgingmum Fri 25-Sep-15 15:16:16

I'm just over 40 and usually use Clarins double serum. It's run out and I'm stoney broke. Can any of you recommend a decent budget serum which works. I have about £15 to spend. TIA

Mimigolightly Fri 25-Sep-15 15:29:14

I believe that Aldi do a good one although I haven't used it myself. I'm sure some of the other knowledgeable ladies will be along shortly though.

TyrionLannistersShadow Fri 25-Sep-15 15:40:56

I bought the Aldi serum a couple of weeks ago on a whim. I had been reading about the benefits of serums but didn't know which one to pick, they all seemed very expensive. So when I saw the Aldi one for 3 euro something I picked it up and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how goody skin looks at the moment. It could just be coincidence but even a huge spot I had cleared up much more quickly than usual so I am going to keep using it .

RyanORiley Fri 25-Sep-15 15:41:17

Apivita at Amazon
or you can get it in M&S too

It's really nice, works a treat. Bought it on holiday as a stop gap and ended switching to it full time I like it so much.

NotTodaySatan Fri 25-Sep-15 15:42:45

The Nip Fab Dragon's Blood serum is the tits. Has completely transformed my skin.

It's on offer at Superdrug at the minute.

Indulgingmum Fri 25-Sep-15 15:56:57

Thanks peeps. I did wonder about Aldi. Must get my sis in law to get me one we don't have Alsi in the North.

ClaudiaNaughton Fri 25-Sep-15 16:01:11

Apivita is on sale at M&S for £17.00. Think they may be clearing stock.

Nettletheelf Fri 25-Sep-15 21:10:38

Another vote for nip & fab. I use the 'no needle' one though.

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