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Filling my tear troughs - I've been an idiot

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stupidwitheyebags Thu 24-Sep-15 20:08:03

Ok, so I wanted to get filler in my tear troughs which were making me look really old and tired. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone so found someone quite locally, thinking I could keep it all secret.

The dr said it was a course of three procedures, a month apart, as it was some special filler that had fewer risks. After procedure one, the filler migrated down my face on one side and the dr had to massage it away, but I do think I looked better after.

But I got horrible black bruising after procedure two, plus the filler migrated again. Dr says it's due to loose skin, not his technique or the filler, and that what I really need is a different treatment - mesotherapy - more £££.

Frankly, I've had enough. I'm £300 down, have had two weeks of lying about a bruised eye and wonky swelling, and now pretty much look how I did to start with. I've now done more research on the type of filler and it seems it's for improving the skin and really fine lines, plus needs topping up a few times a year, rather than being a proper filler. And I don't think the dr knows what he's talking about (is a PhD type rather than medical doctor).

I've been a complete idiot for not going to someone with good reviews/recommendation/medical qualifications etc, haven't I? Or has anyone heard of non-cross linked fillers and migration due to loose skin?>

FriendofBill Thu 24-Sep-15 20:53:41

Don't go back to him.
look for someone reputable and get consultation/correction.

I just googled this (mesotherapy) and it came up with realself reviews that are extremely negative.

Fillemup Thu 24-Sep-15 20:55:23

Run for the hills. I don't know who you have seen but they sound unqualified.
I had tear troughs done by Dr Tracy Mountford- voted as the Queen of fillers by the Tatler.
I paid £600 and it was one simple procedure using Restylane. This is a filler that is also used to lines and fat loss. It is temporary.
It is a VERY tricky procedure and she said so- too near the eyes and you can have serious problems.
I was advised I'd get 50% improvement and I did. It lasted 6 months. I'd not have it again as I was a bit worried and it also hurt like hell- more than having cheek fillers.
There should be no migration. The whole point of fillers is to fill deeply so that it doesn't migrate.
Please do not go near this guy again- goodness knows what you may end up with.

neonshine Thu 24-Sep-15 20:55:47

I've had mine done 4 times. First time I went with a fairly well known Dr (although not known for tear trough fillers). Was a disaster. Went back after 2 days and he also said its not the filler or his technique.
After waiting 12 months for the filler to disappear (it still hadnt) I found the courage to see another doctor to have it removed. After a month he re-filled them and it was perfect. Exactly the same filler and completely different technique.
He did the third fill also.
Fourth time I'd moved countries and changed Drs obviously. Result was satisfactory but not as sculpted as second and third times.
So to answer your question, I think your doctor should have assessed you properly before the procedure. Surely loose skin??!! is something he could have foreseen. I haven't heard of it being a problem with recommended Drs.
If it's something you really want then find the best in your area and go for a consultation, discuss what's happened and hear what they have to say. Also check if they will remove it for free if the same problem occurs (although I didn't trust the first doctor to remove them even if he had agreed to.

stupidwitheyebags Thu 24-Sep-15 21:06:21

I'd also seen the negative reports of mesotherapy and had no plans to allow it anywhere near me! To be honest, if I'd realised this guy promoted that sort of treatment, I'd have been more suspicious to start with.

The only saving grace is that this filler doesn't seem to have lasting effects at all, so there's really no damage done.

I definitely won't be going back, but may investigate having it done properly elsewhere (everyone recommends Tracy Mountford) in the future. Not for a while though!

Branleuse Thu 24-Sep-15 22:05:44

i havent had tear trough, but i had fillers in the naso-labial - marionette area, and I initially thought it looked great, but once the swelling went down, it hardly looked any different to before. I went back and told him i was disappointed and didnt think it had worked, and he did it again for free, but tbh, it still was not worth it. I just think fillers are a bit shit.

Im now working on not giving a fuck about wrinkles anymore. It seems to be a longer lasting solution

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