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I'm having my haircut in an hour. Tell me what to do. Pic included

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MamaTeeTee Thu 24-Sep-15 08:33:14

This is my hair now. It's quite thick, layered and quite unmanageable. Ive grown it as much as I can for my wedding (wedding was 2 weeks ago) and now I've had a tit full of it. It doesn't look like this for long. As soon as I step outside it flicks everywhere.
I'm thinking of cutting it to the length of the shortest layer so that there are no more layers and it would be a bluntish Bob.
Suggestions hugely appreciated. I haven't had a hair cut I like ever!

MamaTeeTee Thu 24-Sep-15 08:33:38


Vixxfacee Thu 24-Sep-15 08:36:10

How about a bob like this?

MamaTeeTee Thu 24-Sep-15 08:37:00

That's exactly the pic I was going to show the hair dresser!

Queenbean Thu 24-Sep-15 08:39:24

The Ferne photo is lovely, would look great on you op

Congrats on your wedding flowers

MamaTeeTee Thu 24-Sep-15 08:45:14

I don't know! DH has said not to cut it. But that's because he can't cope with my mood after a bad hair cut lol

cardoon Thu 24-Sep-15 08:45:16

Ferne cut is perfect for you OP, good luck. Don't forget to come back and show us!

Vixxfacee Thu 24-Sep-15 08:45:34

Great minds wink go for it and show us a pic when it's done!

Nc19999992 Thu 24-Sep-15 08:46:52

I'd grow out that side fringe, it looks very thick and a bit 'in the way'... No other suggestions but the Bob looks good!

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