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What boots are you all buying this year?

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lucysmam Wed 23-Sep-15 14:19:14

Mine are deader than a dead thing & the repairs they need will cost more than the boots did sad

Inspire me, please!? What do you like? Or what have you bought? I haven't seen anything much I fancy yet but think it's because I'm constantly looking for something like I already have on my feet.

Nearlyadoctor Wed 23-Sep-15 14:30:48

I buy one new pair a year - either knee length or ankle depending on what needs replacing. Boots are one of the things that I am really happy to push the boat out for. This year's are a pair of black ankle boots ' Harveydry' by Aquatalia from R&B, wore them for the first time yesterday to a conference and the were so comfy.

lucysmam Wed 23-Sep-15 14:33:15

I'll have a google, thanks.

Iusedtobeapenguin Wed 23-Sep-15 14:37:52

I am officially buying none this year. I am a boot hoarder and have brown chelsea boots, tan knee highs, black knee highs, black biker boots, both ankle and mid leg versions, grey shoe boots and red ankle boots, most of which I have never worn.

Sorry I know that's no help. I am just trying to remind myself that i don't need any more boots before I google anything on this thread smile

Nearlyadoctor Wed 23-Sep-15 14:38:04

Lucy - I bought my first Aquatalia boots five years ago ( Leather Bold Dry - still available) and they have been amazing. They are my most worn pair of boots ever, fur lined. I've just cleaned them for this winter and they still look nearly new. A really good investment.

The only problem is at this rate as they last so well if will have to become a bi- annual purchase.... wink

Twinklestein Wed 23-Sep-15 14:43:16

I'm currently loving these R& B

lucysmam Wed 23-Sep-15 14:45:27

Iusedtobeapenguin, I used to have lots of boots. I have no space for multiples these days <sob>.

lucysmam Wed 23-Sep-15 14:46:33

Twinkle, I like those!

FelixFelix Wed 23-Sep-15 14:47:08

I bought some Dr Marten 'Flora' boots in black. They are super comfy and go with everything. I was worried about them being too chunky but they look great. I tried them on in the Dr Martens shop and they were £110 but I ended up getting them from Country House Outdoor for about £75.

lucysmam Wed 23-Sep-15 14:51:11

Probably a bit impractical for school runs in the rain but I really like these ones!

I hadn't considered DM's. I'll have a browse of their website too. Thanks Felix

Boosiehs Wed 23-Sep-15 15:20:51

I just bought these...

however I think I may have blocked out a brown boot purchase last winter.... sad

TigsytheTiger Wed 23-Sep-15 15:35:59

I bought these a few weeks ago in the dark brown and love them, they come in a few different colours! Frye boots were recommended to me and I'm so glad I bought them.

TheFairyCaravan Wed 23-Sep-15 15:44:05

I bought these. They're advertised as boots, but they're not really so I might get away with buying another pair!wink I don't walk anywhere and don't do a schoolrun because they're not very practical.

I'm looking for some black Chelsea boots and/or some brown or black mid heeled boots. Not seen any that I really want yet though.

2legit2knit Wed 23-Sep-15 17:19:09

I have these, I don't love them, but they are waterproof and will hopefully be comfy when they're a bit more broken in. I want a pair of black Chelsea boots, but I haven't found the perfect pair yet...

lucysmam Wed 23-Sep-15 17:30:48

Ooh, 2legit, they're nice! Maybe something like that.

I had some lovely, flat, ankle boots years ago. They were lace up & had furry stuff round the top. Never seen anything like them again & can't remember where from.

Maybe something slouchy...

I don't know! confused

HappyGirlNow Wed 23-Sep-15 19:06:06

Love those 2legit

I've just posted this on the Vogue thread, but will copy here:

Just had a splurge on Dune.. 20% off new lines today online..

Burgundy flat boots

Mink heeled boots and

these cheapy, synthetic ones for kicking about, they can go back if they look cheap..

BabyGanoush Wed 23-Sep-15 20:11:59


Celticandco do boots like that (lace ups with fur), very pricey but they last years

lucysmam Wed 23-Sep-15 20:21:59

Thankyou Celtic, I will have a look shortly and see what I can find smile

Happy your second link are really nice too.

I half wish I hadn't asked - tooo many styles and places to look at now grin

NannyOggsHedgehogs Wed 23-Sep-15 20:22:21

Love the burgundy, but not the gold buckle.

NannyOggsHedgehogs Wed 23-Sep-15 20:23:08

I'm saving up and hoping for birthday money I promise I'm a real grown up sometimes grin

Hornydilemma Wed 23-Sep-15 20:36:47

Fuck are those 18 hole Docs? I'd be all day getting in and out of them! I was a size 5 in college (now 6.5) and I got a 7 hole pair of classic black Docs, they were dinky, I loved them...

lucysmam Wed 23-Sep-15 20:38:45

grin Nanny, I'm usually saving up for something or other.

Dp has worked overtime for us each to replace some things we need & one of my top things I need is boots before the weather gets rainy and horrible.

NannyOggsHedgehogs Wed 23-Sep-15 20:59:32

They zip wink with a toddler and a 3 week old, one doesn't do laces!

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