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Buying quality items.

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WolfieGirl19 Wed 23-Sep-15 11:21:36

If you buy quality over quantity. Don't you get bored of wearing the same things.

My DH has always advocated buying one quality item rather than bags full of cheaper clothes.

I have been trying to do this but haven't really succeeded.

DH bought me a lovely knitted dress last autumn from phase eight. I'm wearing it today thinking "God I've worn this a lot" and wishing I had something new to wear.

I have money to spend this weekend and know I should just buy one or two quality items and that's what DH will be pressing for too. But my hearts not in it and I already want to come home with bags and bags of high street things.

How do you get past the thought of wearing things over and over again?

stripytees Wed 23-Sep-15 11:27:17

I buy quality items cheaper on eBay! Best of both worlds. I choose carefully and most items I buy really look like new.

WolfieGirl19 Wed 23-Sep-15 11:38:20

I haven't a clue what to look for on eBay. I'm not sure what suits and need to try things on and sizing is a nightmare. I'm all different sizes in different shops.

Behooven Wed 23-Sep-15 11:45:19

Phase Eight is a good start, loads of lovely stuff on ebay and you know it fits.
I do the same as stripytees.

Gruach Wed 23-Sep-15 11:46:27

and that's what DH will be pressing for too.

Will he be wearing the clothes?

If not I don't see any need for joint decision making about what goes onto your body. (Regardless of who's paying, unless your bulk purchasing is having a seriously adverse effect on family finances.)

It depends really. <Helpful> Some people hate a bulging wardrobe and find it impossible to dress well when there's too much choice. Obviously that's not you.

A fairly easy compromise is to spend more on tailored items and then throw in an ever changing stash of cheap t shirts and vests.

But if it's just the acquisition of lots of new things - arriving home with bags and bags that drives you - it might be worth thinking about that.

legohurtswhenyoustandonit Wed 23-Sep-15 12:20:51

For me, it depends upon what I will use the clothes for. If I'm spending lots of time with the kids I don't want expensive clothes that may get stained with paint, ink, tomato sauce etc. On the other hand, if I am buying clothes for work I'm quite happy to spend more for quality.

WolfieGirl19 Wed 23-Sep-15 12:36:29

Just having a mooch through eBay now. Might have to go and try things on and then I'll know my size for eBay.

BumbleNova Wed 23-Sep-15 13:22:34

wolfie girl thats exactly what I did. i know what size I am for certain brands and I have developed a bit of an ebay problem... Its great though, I got a brand new boden cashmere jumper for £20 instead of £100.

chanie44 Wed 23-Sep-15 19:47:46

I don't have the budget or lifestyle for an expensive wardrobe and I shop on the high street.

I do have a couple of quality items, which I wear regularly, but not every day and i do feel good when I use them.

I want to get some more expensive items, but things that won't date eg a fab pair of jeans, cashmere and silk tops.

consciousliving Thu 24-Sep-15 14:00:14

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Doobigetta Thu 24-Sep-15 20:36:49

I think you need two weeks' worth of outfits- so if you work full time, ten sets of work clothes and four of casual- to not feel you're wearing the same things over and over and get bored. There's obviously room for some rotation in there- I'd class a cardigan that works with three different dresses as three outfits, and the same with a pair of jeans and three tops. So I think the "quality over quantity" thing works, but only up to a point. I'd rather have fourteen lovely outfits that made me feel special than forty less nice ones, but four wouldn't be workable. Plus all that advice to buy very little but spend a lot on each ignores the fact that anything that has to be washed twice a week is going to last less long, so it's not quite as cost effective as they like to make out.

TheMightyMing Thu 24-Sep-15 20:44:47

I buy quality items on e bay frequently from the brands I like , Baukjen, Whistles etc. I also buy high end items in the sales and never pay full price for anything. I don't follow the latest trends though and keep my clothes for ages as they are classic styles. For example today , I wore an Lk Bennett silk skirt bought with labels brand new on e bay for £40.00 , full price £195.00 , LK Bennett black cardi again from e bay brand new £25.00 full price was £70.00. ( had this at least 3 years).
I could probably not buy anything for years and still have enough clothes except I have gone from a 14 to 12 to a 10 in the past couple of years, so some of my things are too big.

I'd rather have fewer things that last well. I don't mind repeat wearing - would rather have 6 things that are perfect and suit me, than 26 things that's aren't/don't. I get my 'variety fix' in charity shops, and then return them later. I try not to buy cheap throwaway fashion.

It's perhaps easier because I have quite a 'uniform' so don't mind looking samey a lot of the time. Even if I bought loads, they'd all be similar shapes, colours and styles so nobody would really notice anyway!

mewkins Thu 24-Sep-15 21:49:38

I have a huge amount of stuff collected over the years. A real mixture of cheapish and more expensive (all high street). I have no uniform, I like choosing from lots of different styles - makes getting dressed more interesting! I prefer spending a bit more on shoes but actually everything lasts for years hence the vast collection.

I think you should do what you want to do and not be influenced by your husband.

Oly5 Thu 24-Sep-15 21:59:45

I find shopping on eBay a waste of money as even if I know my size, the fit, look or colour is often not right. Why don't you buy a mixture of stuff on your next shop - couple of lovely wool sweaters but with a few £10 tops for every day. It's possible to do both

Larastheme Thu 24-Sep-15 22:03:08

I don't mind repeating too, I've always been this way, once you start buying fewer items your wardrobe looks more neat and put together, you spend more time considering a purchase, and you become more focused on what works for you, I like it this way.

I hate this disposable clothes culture, in the long run its useless and costly,

mayum1 Thu 24-Sep-15 22:47:31

High Street for me.

Floisme Thu 24-Sep-15 22:56:22

I like a mixture. My wardrobe's probably about 75% cheap and cheerful and 25% better quality. But not all my so-called quality buys have turned out to be good investments e.g. my shape changed after the menopause so some stuff just doesn't suit me any more. I also sometimes get bored. But equally I have some cheapy stuff that I've loved and worn for years.

PennyPants Thu 24-Sep-15 23:12:11

Some of my better quality things are from charity shops. I have bought good stuff that's lasted from some of the high Street shops. I do avoid Primark though. I expect things to last a reasonable length of time but not too long or it can start to feel dated anyway, even if it's not high fashion.
I tend to spend more on a better quality coat or jacket or something I know I will wear loads - the cost per wear thing.

JaceLancs Thu 24-Sep-15 23:31:25

I find a mixture of both works best for me
Therefore I will spend more on quality items which are classic or just versatile such as plain courts, boots, coats and jackets, black trousers, jeans, plain cardigans and cashmere sweaters
I then mix these with cheap tops, shirts, dresses, skirts, scarves and things I may get bored of
By cheap sometimes I mean eBay or charity shop, other times high St or even supermarket

iamanintrovert Fri 25-Sep-15 06:53:14

I think you need to shop according to YOUR personality, not your DH's.

WolfieGirl19 Fri 25-Sep-15 12:08:21

Thanks for all your replies. I think I gave the impression my DH bossed me around grin

He doesn't. He would just rather I bought quality items. I do for him and the DC. But feel a bit guilty if I buy for myself. Silly I know.


I'm having a look at eBay. What brands are best to look for? So far I've got some items in my watch list from:

Mint velvet
Phase Eight
White Company
And I've had a look at the debenhams discount shop too.

I am a 14-16. Hourglass. 5ft 5.

I have started to buy my shoes from Clarks. They are far more comfortable than other shops. I've also had a look at some boots on eBay. Not sure though?

TooMuchRain Fri 25-Sep-15 12:48:27

I tend to buy a lot on ebay from brands which I couldn't afford new and where I know their sizing. And if they don't look quite right I take them to a charity shop so at least someone benefits. I like to go round the shops though to get ideas on different ways of putting things together and occasionally pick up some cheap things that work really well - I got a dress from H&M last spring that I wore loads.

pdxs Fri 25-Sep-15 12:55:40

I think your approach re focusing on quality is sensible.

So on that point, just back from having a chat with my cobbler, who thinks all modern shoes are cheap tat.. but pertinent to your thread OP he rates Clarks & Gabor for durability.

Gabor have an excellent outlet, got some brown knee boots for 75£ so half off, and having worn my last pair for 5 years think they fit the quality criteria. Clarks are durable for the price paid too I think

mewkins Fri 25-Sep-15 12:56:30

Ps. Some items you pay a lot for and they are shoddy. This is the most disappointig of all. I find knitwear can be very hit and miss unless you treat it lovingly (who has the time?!) Tk maxx great for decent quality at reasonable prices.

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