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fashion for the fabulous fifties - any advice

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SarfEast1cated Wed 23-Sep-15 09:20:46

Hey there, I have an unexpected windfall that gives me £300 to spend on clothes to update my wardrobe. I am going to be stopping my current office job to work in a school so my disposable income is going to get much smaller soon. I currently wear Toast tunics with leggings or Smedley jumpers with black jeans and flat shoes. I love the Audrey Hepburn, cropped trousers, slash necked jumper look.
I am a slim box shape with reasonable legs, but am a modest dresser. I don't like body conscious clothes and as a child of the 70/80s won't wear flares!
Any 'looks' I should be thinking about?
Thanks in advance everyone smile

Twinklestein Wed 23-Sep-15 10:50:14

I love the Audrey Hepburn look of slim fit trousers and a fitted jumper.

I would just carry on with that. Nice pair of Chelsea boots.

If you like Toast, you might like these tunics from Me & Em

I also like the boots in the pic but they don't seem to do footwear.

niminypiminy Wed 23-Sep-15 10:56:06

You might also have a look at Winser London, the quality is fantastic.

SarfEast1cated Fri 25-Sep-15 10:28:28

Thank you ladies. Where is the best place for good quality trousers? I usually go for gap, but could go for more expensive if they will last and look good for longer...

pinkfrocks Fri 25-Sep-15 10:39:14

Hobbs, Boden, Jigsaw

SarfEast1cated Fri 25-Sep-15 10:48:21

Thank you! <channels Eastenders> I may go 'up west' and buy myself something pretty today.

Gruach Fri 25-Sep-15 10:49:06

Your current style sounds pretty well thought out.

There was a brief, beautiful era at my local Selfridges when Toast, John Smedley and Margaret Howell were all next to each other ...

I'd suggest you buy a magazine - Vogue or similar and turn to their stockists' page. Look up every site. There is an infinite variety of choice available. And very few places give any indication that their clothes are aimed at any specific age group.

SarfEast1cated Fri 25-Sep-15 10:56:43

I remember that too Grauch, up on the 5th floor I think. I used to enjoy a little rifle through the Theory rails too. I love Margaret Howell, but don't have the budget anymore.
I haven't been onto the Selfridges fashion floors for ages, it all seems rather 'luxe' for my taste now. I used to go to the designer warehouse sales, which was a great source of Nicole Farhi jackets and Smedley jumpers, but they don't stock them anymore.
Will try Jigsaw for the trousers, as I need to be able to try them on...

Savagebeauty Fri 25-Sep-15 11:05:32

I love your style.
Where do you get your slash neck tops from?

Gruach Fri 25-Sep-15 11:08:39

Mmm ... My forays into actual shops are much rarer these days - not only because I don't have the budget anymore (snap!) - but because I so enjoy the peaceful, worldwide browsing on my phone.

(Luckily I've been shopping for so long it's very rare that I make a mistake with sizing, even with unfamiliar brands. I'm sadly more likely to imagine that something will suit me - and then recoil in horror at my mirror.)

One thing (and I know I mentioned old skool stuff) is that the old labels that I wore when I first had a proper job are not necessarily so desirable now. Either they become bloated and ridiculously priced for poor value, or the designers have sold or delegated so many times that the brand has become pointless. Much more fun and far better value is to be had from seeking out very new labels.

SarfEast1cated Fri 25-Sep-15 11:31:52

Crikey savage you'll turn my head with talk like that grin

Mine are mostly from smedley sale but have got some from muji before now. Haven't bought any for ages tho so not much up to date intel.

SarfEast1cated Fri 25-Sep-15 11:36:55

You are quite right about brands changing their ethos. I like the M&S made in England range and autograph too, but am not keen on the 70s look they are 'rocking' at the mo. I thought Me + Em had potential but not so keen on new range.
Thanks for posting smile

consciousliving Fri 25-Sep-15 12:51:45

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

SarfEast1cated Fri 25-Sep-15 17:23:27

Some really nice knit wear in Hobbs today Savage
audrey jumper

verenti Fri 25-Sep-15 17:26:17

I have that Hobbs jumper in grey. It is really lovely. I had a navy one from them last year that I wore loads so I thought I would splash out on another one!

SarfEast1cated Fri 25-Sep-15 17:46:29

It's almost worth buying two surely Verenti, just in case they don't do them next year...

I tried on some trousers in COS and realised that i am not the 12 I thought I was... Actually judging by this pic, maybe they were meant to look really tight! they were full length on me though smile

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