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I realised today my showerproof coat isnt

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Savagebeauty Tue 22-Sep-15 19:43:23

Probably because I washed it and have removed any small protection it had against the rain.
I need to replace it .
Problem is I'm six feet tall and getting coats to fit is a nightmare.
I'd like knee length, not belted, with a detachable hood. Budget about £200.

Orangeanddemons Tue 22-Sep-15 19:47:28

Lands end do Tall versions I think

SmileAndNod Tue 22-Sep-15 19:48:21

Could you not try nikwax first?

IvyWall Tue 22-Sep-15 19:50:13

Reproof it

I have used scotch guard on a raincoat

Savagebeauty Tue 22-Sep-15 19:55:28

It was only a cheap coat..fancy a new one.

ScrambledSmegs Tue 22-Sep-15 19:57:27

Wash it with nikwax. You can still buy a new one.

And don't buy Seasalt. Tin cloth my arse.

BaffledShirley Tue 22-Sep-15 20:24:24

Try Diriksons - I'm 6' and the Thelma I have fits brilliantly and keeps all the elements out. It's going into its third winter so worth the £

Savagebeauty Tue 22-Sep-15 21:01:57

baffled that looks great

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