If anyone is looking for leather boots for a wide calf look here

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bishboschone Tue 22-Sep-15 16:48:25

http://www.next.co.uk/x6d2278s3#799782x56 .. My sister got these today , they are very wide and fit round a wide calf but are smart and comfy too . With fur inside .. Just thought it may help someone looking for wide boots .

craptastic Tue 22-Sep-15 18:43:44

I own these, purchased last year and they are great! Comfy, warm and plenty of room around the calf.

bishboschone Wed 23-Sep-15 07:14:16

Great .. She was chuffed that she could get boots to fit ??

bishboschone Wed 23-Sep-15 07:14:43

Question marks are supposed to be happy faces .

blodynmawr Wed 23-Sep-15 17:54:13

I ordered these Next ones on a whim. They arrived today and although are a combination of pleather & stretchy material, rather then leather, are surprisingly good for the money and importantly fit without cutting off my circulation smile.

ArchbishopOfBanterbury Wed 23-Sep-15 18:20:36


LittleRedSparkle Wed 23-Sep-15 18:35:51

I want some like these www.next.co.uk/g41192s3

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