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Hypoallergenic eye make up for sensitive eyes

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KitZacJak Tue 22-Sep-15 10:30:19


I have had the world's most sensitive eyes for about 4 years. If there is pollen, dust etc they go red and itchy. Not helped by working on a computer all day. So I try and avoid eye make in the week, I just kind of define my brows and put concealer on my bags!

I used to be able to wear eye make up all the time and would wear mascara, eye liner and shadow every day, now I just reserve it for the weekends and even then I hardly wear mascara as this immediately makes my eyes bloodshot!

Does anyone know of any good brands of makeup for itchy eyes. Also any face washes? As every time I wash my face my eyes itch too!!!

I am so fed up of this. I have had numerous drops from the doctor and nothing helps, in fact a lot of the drops hurt my eyes and seems to make them worse. I tend to just use dry eye drops and put wet cotton wool pads on my eyes. If I have a special event I put in the blue drops that get rid of the blood shot look but only use these sometimes as I read these can make them worse in the long term!!!

So any advice on make up/ face washes that don't upset eyes and also ways of getting rid of the problem would be welcome!!!

Maverick66 Tue 22-Sep-15 21:22:40

Hi Kit I have sensitive eyes like you but I can wear Boots No 7 and Clinique. I wear Double Wear foundation which works for me. I find foundation can irritate my eyes every bit as much as eyeshadow. I wear Estée Lauder mascara and Boots No 7 eyeliner.

Hope this helps.

Carpaccio Tue 22-Sep-15 22:32:05

La Roche Posay have eye makeup and mascaras for sensitive eyes.
Clinique are also supposed to be good.

You might find that a tubing mascara will irritate your eyes less as they are polymer tubes that coat your lashes - there's no flaking and smudging. They come off with warm water. Clinique has one (I think it's the Lash Power), Estee Lauder Double Wear mascaras and L'Oreals Beauty Tubes (don't bother with the white end though) - there are loads more but I haven't found any other ones in the local shops.

Another thing would be to replace the products often (mascara every 3 months) and clean the brushes you use because of the bacteria growing in it all. You can get makeup sanitizing sprays as well - they kill the bacteria as well.

coffeenut Wed 23-Sep-15 00:29:36

I agree that foundation can irritate as well. The long lasting ones seem the best to avoid rubbing into eyes. Eye drops tend to make my eyes more watery and then products (inc moisturiser!) re more likely to leak into them.

I've tried so many mascaras now (inc the tubing ones, those tubes come off and get in my eyes !) and the best for me is diorshow (I use the iconic overcurl one). Like Ive said, ive tried a lot and i think it comes down to your own eyes and sensitivities. I cant use any clinique eye products for example - instant stinging! As a cheaper option I use maybelline ones as they seem okay too but they tend to make my waterline itch by the end of the day.

I get red eyes by the end of the day no matter what (and especially if drinking like say, at a wedding!) Would love to know the cure for this but I think it's just my eyes!

FrustratedFrugal Wed 23-Sep-15 06:20:28

Almay and Chanel have worked for me, I have sensitive eyes too. Clinique and Maybelline and Dior and Nars irritate my eyes - concealer and foundation are often tricky but I've had no problems with Lily Lolo mineral makeup. Sunscreen often makes my eyes itchy and teary. For face washing, I've retreated to Bioderma micellar water and black soap. Both are great. I don't wear mascara.

KitZacJak Wed 30-Sep-15 11:00:19

Thanks so much for all the suggestions. I think I will treat myself to some new products and see if some of them work for me.

HopefulAnxiety Wed 30-Sep-15 14:23:58

Bourjois Volume Glamour Care (white tube, black cap) is great for sensitive eyes - it's not the most waterproof though so I'm hunting for a waterproof sensitive mascara.

Frustrated I found that wipe-off cleansing creams and avoiding water-based cleansing routines has really helped.

LauraVonSlim Wed 30-Sep-15 14:34:59

Bare Minerals has been the only thing that worked for me after expensive trials with a lot of other stuff. May be worth trying stuff out in a department store before you spend a lot of money?

I use Dr Weil mega mushroom cleaner and moisturiser. So, so good for sensitive skin.

tis777 Thu 23-Feb-17 13:54:54

Im trying to find a grey eyeshadow without glitter as it gets in my eyes.
I havent found one on any of the makeup counters in stores. Has anyone seen one?1

Deathraystare Thu 23-Feb-17 14:02:19

I am sure Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier do matte shadows

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