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Wearing powdered eyeshadow and over 40

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CrumbledFeta Sun 20-Sep-15 17:32:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 20-Sep-15 18:02:08

Slinks onto thread.......I'm nearly 50 ,<in denial> and on the rare occasions I wear a full face I use a primer first on my eyelids.

Bare Minerals 5-in-1 is good (Debenhams have a good range, lots of shades .) I have Candlelit Peach. It's £16ish but a good investment. I have the Barbara Daly (Tesco) primer too which is more nude.
Benefit Lemonade is hailed as being good.

The BM is a cream liquid which is heavier than the BD solid compact. Just need a couple of dabs, blend and allow to dry.

I have a couple of Sleek pallettes (nude and darker)
Make sure you have enough brushes so you're not double dipping grin

Tap off the excess powder and I guess just have a trial of colours.
Do you wear liner?
I love Barry M metallics, lovely colours and so soft.

I don't have a clue what the current 'look' is TBH. I just try not to overdo the colours (I'm an 80s throwback. I would be gold and navy for me if I had my way blush )
If DD says "You look nice , have you got eyeshadow on" then I know I'm ok.
If she says accusingly "Mum, you're wearing eyeshadow aren't you " then I'm not.

LunchpackOfNotreDame Sun 20-Sep-15 18:02:12

You tube is your friend. There are some brilliant make up tutorials on there.

I do the tri-colour thing and I'm in my 30s.
Base of pale, half lid in mid tone corner in dark tone and blend.

Judydreamsofhorses Sun 20-Sep-15 19:46:23

Use a primer. Having tried pretty much every one on the market I'd suggest Nars Pro Prime - quite expensive at £18 but lasts at least six months with daily use.

Carpaccio Sun 20-Sep-15 20:09:20

I agree with the primer. And the youtube videos for inspiration - Lisa Eldridge is good, and she does have some videos for more mature skin.

If you find that primer and powder shadows don't last, then maybe it's worth looking at cream shadows such as Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Sticks, the new Lancome Ombre Hypnose Stylo or Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow sticks. They are cream shadows in a pen format and they set on the skin, so they don't feel like a cream and they don't move.

CrumbledFeta Mon 21-Sep-15 12:37:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Love2dance Tue 22-Sep-15 10:53:20

Agree about Lisa Eldridge. Most of her video tutorials can be used by people of all ages. I'm 4* (I can't say it!) and recently wore one of her graphic eyeliner looks for a party and it worked really well. She's also got great suggestions for the smokey look. Def get a primer. As well as the ones mentioned I would also recommend Smashbox under eye primer. It's supposed to be moisturising but you still need eye cream/moisturiser. It's great as it's very light and good for using under concealer. Second (and I'm sorry it's pricey), hourglass mineral veil primer. It's for the face, but is great for eyelids too. as it creates a really smooth base.
I think you can certainly wear powder eyeshadow, but be picky about formulations. You need good pigment so you don't have to use too much and finely milled/smooth so it's easy to blend. Although I see warnings against it all the time, I think you can wear sheeny, smooth metallics (but maybe go easy on the very frosty eyeshadows). Have you tried the Urban Decay Naked eye palettes? Also see the Balm palettes (Superdrug). They come in different colours so you need to choose the right one for you, but are easy to use.
If you prefer books for inspiration, makeup artist Rae Morris has produced a book called"Makeup, the Ultimate Guide" (or similar). It has a good section and tips for over 40s. The late, great Kevyn Aucoin also did books with makeup looks with step by step illustrations which can be used for all ages.
Enjoy and play around!

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