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Which bag with christening outfit? Quick poll please

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Wishful80smontage Sun 20-Sep-15 08:38:18

Hi all,
Going to a christening today.
I'm wearing a black/white polka wrap dress and black ballet pumps (flats as 7 months preg and can't walk in heels).
I brought a black mini stachel from accessorize thinking it would look ok but looks like I'm off to the office so my choices are a black patent clutch -looks ok but outfit is all black and clutch keeping hold of toddler not practical or I have a little bright yellow mini stachel which I think looks good with outfit but worried maybe too casual for christening?
What do you think?

ElderPrice Sun 20-Sep-15 08:40:57

Yellow satchel (hope the sun shines!)

TheMotherOfHellbeasts Sun 20-Sep-15 08:43:02

Yellow satchel

AuntieStella Sun 20-Sep-15 08:55:34

Yellow satchel.

Christening are Sunday best not full-on occasion dress-up.

burnishedsilver Sun 20-Sep-15 08:57:00


Bunbaker Sun 20-Sep-15 08:58:38

I don't think clothes and accessories are as important at christenings as they are at weddings. As a church goer I have witnessed many christenings and the christening party always look far more dressed up than the congregation.
Just take whichever bag you want to. No-one is going to judge you.

BrendaandEddie Sun 20-Sep-15 08:58:51

It's a christening. Not a wedding

BrendaandEddie Sun 20-Sep-15 08:59:19

Agree with bunny. Overdressed christening attendees stand out as SO unused to church.

Wishful80smontage Sun 20-Sep-15 09:02:47

Thanks all smile I'm sorted then.
I'd told DH to wear his suit with bright tie now thinking that's too overdressed or is that ok?

Wishful80smontage Sun 20-Sep-15 09:04:35

And while I've got your help- I'm wearing same outfit to wedding in 2 weeks- register office wedding with relaxed reception (no top table, speeches etc).
Can I wear the black flats again and just get a bright dressy clutch or do I need coloured different shoes too?

Sunshineandsilverbirch Sun 20-Sep-15 09:09:13

Suit and tie for Christening is perfect.

If you are pregnant stick with the flats and be comfy - weddings involve lots of standing around.

Wishful80smontage Sun 20-Sep-15 10:24:27

Dh now thinking shirt and trousers better? Is this ok

Wishful80smontage Sun 20-Sep-15 10:24:49


Wishful80smontage Sun 20-Sep-15 10:57:15

Bumping as leaving soon smile

justaweeone Sun 20-Sep-15 11:02:33

I would get him to wear the suit without a tie

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