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John Lewis Style Service

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PretzelPrincess Sat 19-Sep-15 00:12:04

I need to update my look and was thinking about using the JL style/personal shopper service. Has anyone used it before? Apoligies if the following offends- but is JL more for the 'mature' woman? blush I'm in my late twenties and although I have a fairly classic look I'd still like to look current.
Does anywhere else do a similar service that I could check out? I'm in the North East.

PretzelPrincess Sat 19-Sep-15 16:24:28


PretzelPrincess Sat 19-Sep-15 22:39:17

Last bump blush

Gruach Sat 19-Sep-15 22:43:41

There's a word or two about the service at the current end of this thread.

StandoutMop Sat 19-Sep-15 23:00:49

I did one a few years ago (I won a £250 JL voucher on here!). You have to be prepared to be open to new stuff and honest about what you like / don't like. Positives were that everything is brought to you, they tend to get sizes right and know their stock so can find you things you might not spot.

Negatives? Not sure, I didn't end up with any thing very cutting edge but then I was looking for more classic / adaptable pieces. Still have and wear 5/7ths of what I bought (which came to a lot more than £250, but hey).

No obligation to buy, so why not give it a go?

BlameItOnTheBogey Sun 20-Sep-15 00:02:18

I've done it about three times and have loved it each time. I'm early thirties. Make sure that when you book you are clear on what you are looking for (edgy/ classic/ etc) and I think when you go also matters. At the beginning of a new season is best so that they have a good selection.

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