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The 'frumpiness' debate..

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brightnearly Fri 18-Sep-15 20:51:10

Being frumpy is not a matter of clothes, it's a matter of attitude.

Frumpy is the antithesis of authentic and alive, open, confident and bold.

Is it? Is it the person that makes the clothes or the clothes that make the person?

elQuintoConyo Fri 18-Sep-15 20:54:37

Frumpy is as frumpy does.

Frumpy is having other things to think about than clothes.

Frumpy is another stick to beat women with, see also: trophy wife, mumsy.

Frumpy is bullshit.

Princerocks Fri 18-Sep-15 20:58:04

Hear hear

Googlers123 Fri 18-Sep-15 20:59:03

Hasn't it been discussed enough now though? Surely this thread will just have the same opinions as the other one

Greengardenpixie Fri 18-Sep-15 21:28:53

Frumpy is wearing things that are old before your time imo. Its as simple as that.

polyhymnia Fri 18-Sep-15 22:24:32

So older people don't wear stylish clothes? Don't agree!

MsBojangles Sat 19-Sep-15 03:33:44

Again with this? Don't see the point really, it's just an excuse to niggle at other people's opinions.

wickedlazy Sat 19-Sep-15 05:06:59

If frumpy equals comfy then i'm all for it. Baggy tees, warm cardigans, flat shoes. Not putting on make just for the school run, especially not when it's raining. Think I look okay day to day, try to keep nails and eyebrows neat. I do scrub up well, just cba everyday. As soon as I get home from anywhere I put pj's back on, unless i'm going out again in less than an hour. Dp knows what's under the clothes is what matters wink

Greengardenpixie Sat 19-Sep-15 13:01:46

So older people don't wear stylish clothes? Don't agree!

Old for your time. A completely different concept. Old lady shoes and the like. Unless of course you fancy these:

burnishedsilver Sat 19-Sep-15 13:07:37

I agree green. The queen, imo, doesn't look frumpy but if I wore her clothes that would be another story.

Greengardenpixie Sat 19-Sep-15 13:08:08

Thank you smile

daftyburd Sat 19-Sep-15 17:05:25

Frumpy is a state of mind. I have never looked at anyone and thought "frumpy". I have however felt frumpy on occasions. Particularly when I had PND after having dd.

BlueEyedWonder Sat 19-Sep-15 23:44:33

"Frumpy" is one of those terms used to describe women where I am struggling to think of the male equivalent.

polyhymnia Sun 20-Sep-15 00:05:01

Fair point * burnished* and green.

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