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Foundation/bb cream to bring light to the face?

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Camembertie Fri 18-Sep-15 11:06:28

Look deathly ashy - skin not great but to be honest I think being glowy would be better than covering all the redness.

Am allergic to YSL Teint Eclat - any other suggestions for good skin base that will help me 'glow' a bit?

Have dehyrated skin that tends to redness


Clinique anti ageing bb cream? Gives a good glow. They also do a cc cream to tone down redness etc.

Clarins bb cream is meant to be good as well. If you have the skin tone for it I have a 15ml sample bottle I was given in the wrong g shade if you want to try it. Shade 2 (too dark for pale me!)

Kennington Fri 18-Sep-15 17:40:56

If you are red les beiges powder or foundation cream will add a glow and tone down the red
Or a glow cream like Dior glowaxiser under a tinted moisturiser
There are cheaper glow creams at no7 than the Dior one though
I am slightly red and found the glow creams plus tm or powder work well and it is all very light so doesn't cake
It took a while to get right thought and you need a light hand!

mayum1 Fri 18-Sep-15 23:49:55

The Face Shop Aura CC Cream

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